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So I bought a wireless router thinking it would allow me to connect two home laptops to my DSL connection at the same time. However, although they both say they are connected wirelessly, in order to access the internet, they require "dialing" into my DSL through the wireless connection and only one can do this at a time. I have a feeling this has something to do with IP addresses maybe? Is this possible to fix or maybe it's not possible to begin with? Thanks!

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You had the right idea

by Churdoo In reply to wireless router

but something is configured improperly.

The PPPoE, or "dialing" into the DSL should happen between the router and the DSL modem. You need to configure the router to do this for you, and you need to reconfigure the laptops so they don't "dial" rather they simply have straight network connections which gain DHCP from the router.

If you reconfigure one laptop to delete (or disable) its DSL connection, on that laptop you should be able to access the config pages of the router, likely at Within those configuration pages, you'll enter your DSL PPPoE credentials into the router so that the router will take over that part. Once your router can successfully establish the PPPoE session, then this laptop should also have internet access. Once this is confirmed, you can disable the DSL connection on lappy #2 and test.

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