Wireless Router Behide Wired Router.

By lozanosteve ·
I just switched from cox to u-verse and they have provided me with a modem/wireless router with 4 ports. I also have Vonage. the problem is that the wireless router provided by AT&T is G vs N ( like my prevous router: ar680w airlink101) so what I want to accomplish is turning off the G wireless from AT&T router and hooking up my 300N-airlink.

I tried hooking up port 1 of the AT&T router to the broadband port of my router. but it will not work. I tried this with the vonage box and it worked perfect. can some one help me on this.

I currently have it hooked up like this.

MODEM-Port.1>> Vonage box/router (broadband)then from port 1 to my 300n airlink broadband.

DMZ is turned on, on the vonage box/router.

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Hardware Firewalls

by thunderfish In reply to Wireless Router Behide Wi ...


I was meddling with a similar to this setup a few days ago, the theory was the same, and someone passed on to me to be mindful of the built in firewalls on the units as they may conflict with each other, or be redundant which could cause conflicts, unnecessary port forwarding etc.

Especially for vonage or vo-ip protocol is dependent on good latency (ping) having more firewalls then required can inhibit good chatter between the protocol and the server.

The router attached to the modem you want that firewall active. Every device 'wired' behind that, I would say it is safe to disable the firewalls on those devices. If your running on a 'wired' home network that modem will be the only in and out data passage. Thats where you want your protection point to be.

The wireless devices should remain with thier firewalls up, in case another user takes it into the public arena, where in that case the machine would be wide open (eep) not cool.

H/W (hardware built into router) firewalls are better then S/W (software, or desktop resource based) firewalls as they require no system resources to operate, having their own processor, components, ram etc built right in.

However, cons to this, is that you only have 1 layer of protection, so having that SW firewall can be a safety measure.

I do allot of online gaming, mostly over wired connections so I keep things running as resource free as possible, and do computer checks daily to ensure compliance in my gear.

Hope this info helps.


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Did you get your Project working

by lozanosteve In reply to Hardware Firewalls

Thanks Thunderfish, were you able to get yours working? if so can you kinda lead me to the right path. because I have disable my firewall but sill no DICE. maybe I am doing it wrong. also did you have your port 1 from the vonage box plugged in to the wireless router's broadban port or into one of the 4 ports?


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Wireless Router Behide Wired Router. (SOLVED)

by lozanosteve In reply to Wireless Router Behide Wi ...

Thanks for your assistants. I was able to get it working.

all I need to do was to change the wireless routers DHCP LAN address to a diff. then the Router/modem and the Vonage box. and VOILA. so for example the MODEM/ROUTER -DHCP- 192.168.1.X >> BUT SINCE ITS A MODEM DID A STATIC IP TO THE VONAGE BOX. > TURNED ON DMZ WITH A STATIC ip OF box) ON THE WIRELESS ROUTER I LEFT DHCP ON BUT WITH THE RANGE STARTING AT 192.168.2.X. TURNED ON THE WIRELESS, SETUP SSID AND WEP. voila!!!!!!

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