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Wireless Router Connected To internet Through Switch

By tncpeterd ·
I recently bought a Netgear WGR614 Wireless Router. It's connected through a Linksys 24 port 10/100 Base T Switch, Which is in turn connected to our ISP. I had to order a special IP that went around the firewall, without it I would get an error saying that I entered an invalid gateway. The computers on the network can connect to the router fine, but they have "limited or no connectivity" they cant access a single website. I want to use DHCP on the router and use it solely for wireless access, the rest of the users on the network are connected directly to the Switch and have manually configured IP's within the firewall.

Can anyone help me out with how to get this router to work properly?

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Put this in Tech Q&A, but I'll bite

by jmgarvin In reply to Wireless Router Connected ...

Ok, why is your router behind your switch? Why don't you put the router first and then the switch? I'm also confused as to why you have a switch if you've gone wireless...

On the switch end, is it configured correctly? Is the port on the switch correctly configured for the AP?

Here is what I'd do.

Wireless Clients

NAT/Wireless Router --> Switch --> wired clients

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im not sure

by tncpeterd In reply to Put this in Tech Q&A, but ...

Well the switch is in our floor's data room, its hooked up to a T1 through our building's managing company Regus, they provide a hardware firewall and our ISP, the switch connects to the ISP and about 7 computers and a printer and NAS appliance are hardwired into the switch. I wanted to add the option of wireless access to people that only come into the office once in a while, so we dont have to manually configure there IP settings every time somone wants to get on the internet. IF possible should I try and get a direct connection from the T1/ISP to the router, without first going through the switch ?

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Router functionality

by joe.daniels In reply to im not sure

The wireless router is distributing IP addresses to your wireless clients through DHCP. Turn off the DHCP functionality in the router, and allow it to function as a WAP only. In addition, a more secure option, since this is for basic internet access only, would be to set it up on a DMZ.

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by joe.daniels In reply to im not sure

Sorry, I missed the last part of the original post:
"I want to use DHCP on the router and use it solely for wireless access, the rest of the users on the network are connected directly to the Switch and have manually configured IP's within the firewall."
In that case, I agree with jmgarvin, that it should be placed before the switch.

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I got it

by tncpeterd In reply to Oops.

I bypassed the switch all together, and it works fine now, unfortunately that creates 2 seperate networks. Is there a way to merge the two?

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by joe.daniels In reply to I got it

What do you mean by Merge the two? Do the wireless clients need access to the wired network's resources, or are they only needing internet access?

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Router - switch

by joe.daniels In reply to I got it

You'll probably need to run your main feed from your ISP to the router, and then run the switch off of the router. However, it sounds like you are somewhat constricted by the building's managing company, and what services they are willing to provide for you. Surely they would be willing to work with you on such a solution (maybe they have a router offering they can place in front of the switch?).

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What I would do.

by djameson In reply to Router - switch

If it were me, I would eliminate SOMEONE ELSE HAVING ACCESS TO MY NETWORK, use the wireless router as a router. get your own switch and re-number your network. If you are running in a windows environment with a w2k server throw up a DHCP and DNS server and do it right or you could use the DHCP off the router. you can buy a 24 pt trendnet switch for ~$100 and you would add another layer of security. with the wireless WEP&MAC acl, it will at least slow them( the hackers) down, also set the power level of the wap as low as you can that it will still work. Just my 2cents.


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hope thats what u want

by callmeeagle In reply to Wireless Router Connected ...

If you think to add wireless options foryour visitors or senior executives who have wireless options on their laptops and security is not much of a concern in wireless zone then according to present circumstances of limited access to IP's from your ISP and requirement of DHCP...
Then i'll request you to setup a linux box of cheap old comp with two NIC's make it work as NAT+DHCP+DNS,put the cable from your ISP on external NIC of this box and connect internal NIC to yur you can manage your internal network as you please...put WAP on this switch switch off it's DHCP and routing functions..let it work as a bridge...that's a easiest setup with full controls in your hands...create a IP scheme for your internal network , give fixed IP to hardwired computers and create a group of IP's in DHCP for any computer which connects over WAP or even plugs in your physical network

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Thanks for the Help Guys!

by tncpeterd In reply to hope thats what u want

This solution seems to be the best one, we are currently in the process of looking into buying new servers. We need to setup an exchange server as well, but this linux box would be a good solution for merging the wireless and hardwired networks. Unfortunately I'm not sure if this is possible at this time, for now the solution I created with two seperate networks works fine for now, the wireless netowork is really only for employees from our other office that visit our corporate office and need internet access, it would just be a nice added benefit if they could access the corporate office computers and printers. I have a printer shared on the Wireless network through my personal office computer, this should suffice for the time being.

I would like to thank everyone that replied to this topic however, this is my first post on techrepublic and I recieved a very good response, I can see that I will be using this forum to my advantage a lot in the future. :)

Thanks !

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