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wireless router drops DSL internet connection

By kgmeloy ·
I'm trying to set up a wireless network in my home. I picked up a Netgear N600 gigabit wireless router and the corresponding USB adaptor.

Signal path is: DSL modem to wireless router; hardwired from router to main PC; wireless from router to secondary PC and PS3.

Wireless signal is 5 bars, no problems there, and everything works for a while (anywhere from about 20 minutes to a couple hours)...but then the whole system drops the internet access.

This is intermittent and I've tried replacing the wireless router (no change) and replacing the DSL modem (also no change).

Through the process of elimination I've determined the DSL modem is fully functional, and in fact when I installed the new DSL modem it came with a utility to test configuration, including it's ability to access the network. This utility works fine through the modem by itself, but the instant I add the wireless router between the PC and the modem the utility can no longer access the network.

I've read several posts in here and have seen some very similar situations, but in all of them it's an 'on or off' scenario; either the internet is available or it's not. I can't figure out the intermittent-ness of this, why it will be ok for a while and then drop. I'm stumped.

I ended up taking the router back and figured I'd just run some more cable through the walls and keep things connected that way - but this is gnawing at me (and I don't relish the cabling task ahead...would MUCH prefer to get the wireless working). I've spoken to customer service folks at Netgear, at my ISP, even where I purchased the router, and the only thing anyone has come up with is that maybe the router isn't able to resolve IP addresses for the wireless PC and the wireless PS3.

btw, the machines in question in the wireless config attempt:

main PC (hard wired to router) homebuilt recording system running winXPsp3, gigabit ethernet, 3Gb ram, duocore2 CPU

wireless PC: Dell Inspiron, Win7, 2Gb ram,

PS3 - is what it is.

I might add that when these machines are all connected via hardwire, everything works perfectly.

thanks in advance...

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DSL Issues

by justin.bean In reply to wireless router drops DSL ...

Hi kgmeloy,

I have found numerous similar issues with Netgear Routers, usually updating the device to the latest firmware helps a majority of the time. I have also had some odd issues from time to time with filter brands and netgear routers, you may need to look at getting a different filter. Check line attentuation with different filters. Currently using a datamaster ADSL2+ filter, but have had luck with generic brands on other peoples installations that have had similar problems. Check the logs to determine why it is being disconnected as well, might help diagnose the issue. Also had issues with Wireless compatibility that was fixed by a firmware update also. Does the modem DSL signal drop as well, or is it just the wireless devices that drop network connectivity? If so what authentication are you using?

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