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    Wireless Router Issue


    by rkhandel ·

    I have a linksys wireless router. Every so often, my vpn times out and after that my wireless router does not allow re-connecting. It appears that the router does not release the IP address associated with my machine even after it is disconnected. Any suggestions?

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      by rkhandel ·

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      Different Firmware

      by rickrbyrne ·

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      What type of Firmware are you using on the wieless router. If you are running the linksys firmware you might want to try dd-wrt, it turns your router into a $600 router, now hopefully it will work because it only works with certain linksys models, what model are you running? Also I have had this issue with VPN’s before, and it could have a problem with the MTU size that your router is sending, you may want to descrease the MTU size and it may work fine. But look at upgrading the Firmware anyways. Hopefully that helps. O yeah the reason the MTU size may have an issue is because between your router and the VPN you are trying to connect to, maybe there is a router in between that on the internet that cannot accept a certain MTU size, so it drops your packet. But maybe at certain times you are taking a different route throght the internet which in turn would give you problems sometime and other times no problem.


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      by alfa11 ·

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      You try to connect to a VPN through your wireless router? If this is the case the IP does not have anything to do with it.

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