wireless router on wired lan

By bldsm ·
I have to install a wireless dlink router onto a customer's wired lan so one staff member can be sectioned off behind this wireless router and his internet usage be identified as distinct from everyone else. So in his apartment is a network cable from the wall. I plugged it into the wan port on the wireless router (dlink dir-300). I turned off wireless as he doesn't need it. It has 4 rj45 ports on the back. I plugged one of his PCs into one port and the other into the other. I set the IP address of the dlink to the default with the subnet DO I HAVE TO allocate both his PCs an IP address in the range of everyone else namely to 254 or what? Can someone please list me steps? I have spent hours of this and got nowhere? Thanks. Bee

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make sure DHCP is on

by 2BlueUK In reply to wireless router on wired ...

not too sure about where you would find this on a D-Link, but should be under LAN settings or NAT address allocation. It will automatically assign IP's to all the machines.

However since it is only one computer to connect, it is more practical to turn the dhcp off and assign manual address.
But you shouldnt have to do this through the, its faster and easier doing it through the OS. Send me details on which OS you are using.

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You will have to setup the Wireless Router as a ADHOC..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to wireless router on wired ...

Setup the Wireless Router as "Adhoc" to the other router. Doing this will make the two talk to each other. Hope all works out for you.

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could be trouble

by mark In reply to wireless router on wired ...

the first thing you need to do is make sure the default ip address is not being uses on your network already. I would go into dhcp on the server and setup a reservation address to be used by the new router first. If you want the new pc on the same subnet, you should be able to turn off dhcp and use dhcp relay to allow the current dhcp to assign the workstation an address. Otherwise, just setup a static ip for the workstation and add it to the reservation as well. You definately don't want two machines assigning addresses in the same pool w/out them communicating. Even if you set them to communicate, I've seen that go bad.

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