Wireless Router Problems --using Comcast

By cole ·
I recently bought a new laptop, so the day before yesterday I bought a wireless router. We set it up that night, and everything worked perfect--- I had a strong connection to the laptop & the desktop in the office worked great. I had the same great response yesterday.

Today I arrived home to no internet. I was confuse I unhooked the router and hooked my Comcast back up directly through the Desktop-- internet popped right back up immediately. When I unhooked it and plugged back into the router, I again had no internet--- even though my laptop shows I had an excellent connection to it.

I'm confused as to what the problem is? Does it lie with Comcast somehow?? I don't understand why it worked perfectly for a couple days and now no longer does, even though Im showing a connection.

Thanks in advance!

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Comcast and wireless

by Tig2 In reply to Wireless Router Problems ...

Let's just go to the bottom line- I have the same problems with Comcast in MN. My solution was to wire the connection. Wireless from Comcast is as useless as a screen door on a submarine. This is why they won't even try to support you if there is a router between you and the modem. "They do not support this configuration".

A couple of things that you can do- kill power to both the modem and the router. Wait a minimum of one minute. Plug in the modem. Let it POST and go to a normal state. Now restart your router. Now boot up or reboot.

At worst case, the software "restart" will want to run. That is okay.

Your connection is verifiably hosed if you can ping your gateway (router) but not your DNS server (on the Comcast side of your connection).

After several heated arguments with Comcast that required them to send multiple service techs to my home, they finally admitted that there had been a major outage in my area- probably a combination of the cold and their refusal to upgrade their infrastructure- that had lasted several weeks. And, incidentally, the wire to the house that they installed while the house was being built, had been installed wrong.

If Comcast is the only game in town, play it using the formulae above. Other options? DSL is just as bad.

Good luck!

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Try a router restart

by mjd420nova In reply to Wireless Router Problems ...

From your wireless connection to the router, do a restart of the router without shutting anything off. This should clear up the problem. I've experienced the same problem and found it to be others getting into the wireless. Be sure to capture your MAC address for your machine, enter it into Blocking and lock out all others.

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try this

by sreya_sabrina In reply to Wireless Router Problems ...

1.power off ur modem,router and ur computer for 2 min. and after u power them up ...try going online..
2.dont do a mac filteration on ur router.. the wireless profile configuration once again..

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Wireless Router Problems --using Comcast

by danpeoples In reply to Wireless Router Problems ...

Comcast has had some major issues lately and instead of fixing them properly they have reacted by locking down there service. Now they are purposely blocking any type of router connected to there service. I have two wireless routers that worked with comcast until a week ago. If I connect those routers to a friends DSL connection they still work fine but not with comcast. Comcast will only work with a PC running DHCP connected directly to there equipment. The other thing you can do is to connect your PC to the comcast router and run ipconfig /all to get the IP information and then set your router to the same static IP settings and plug the router into the Comcast modem. Your router will work with the static IP address until the lease expires after a couple of hours.

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It can be fixed! :)

by ajewell1 In reply to Wireless Router Problems ...

1st- if you have vista- uninstall the network adapter. don't re-install it. Let it do it on it's own, which will put the settings back to working w/comcast. If you choose re-install it just puts the same thing back on the network, rather than searching for the correct settings. I have a plain 4port belkin wireless router and it's fine. But it took a million phone calls to comcast, toshiba and finally microsoft for me to get the correct info. Comcast is clueless- good luck

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Spoof the MAC address of your PC NIC.

by 1bn0 In reply to Wireless Router Problems ...
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Spoofing MAC address of PC

by kutscera In reply to Spoof the MAC address of ...

Netgear Router. Arris cable modem. Initially no internet access. Setting router to use the PC MAC address solved the problem. Comcast tech support will not touch this because it is not their product.

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Comcast Router

by TruelyHateComcast In reply to Wireless Router Problems ...

I had the comcast router and it was not working with our linksys router so Comcast told us to buy their router, and once again, we are having the same freakin problem.

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Guessing here.

by Ron K. In reply to Comcast Router

My router has to have an IP address assigned to it because the default router address is the same as the modems, <br>
Assigning the router's IP adress to enables the router to work properly as long as the network connections on the PCs don't have static IP addresses unless they're within the range of the new network address. <br>
Choose to automatically assign network card IP addresses. Leave the Gateway and DNS sever area's empty or choose automatic.<br>
Without your router make and model number I can't look up the manual to see what page you have to change. I suggest getting your manual and/or reading the router setup section.

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