Wireless - Same SSID from multiple WAP's?

By EriccS ·
To provide better coverage in an area with structural interference, I plan to set up multiple Wireless Access Points (not routers, as I want everyone on the same subnet) in a pattern that will overlap coverages to assure that users have access no matter where they may be in the facility. My question relates to configurations.

Do I give all 3 WAP's the same SSID but on different channels, or should each one have a discrete SSID? The potential for multiple visible WAP's in the overlap areas has me wondering if it is safe to use the same SSID on all of them, even though it has the advantage of requiring only one wireless network configuration in each user computer.

(Footnote for the security minded: In addition to WPA-PSK I am placing the WAP's into a DMZ to insulate the core network from potential wireless intruders. Properly authenticated users can get to the core via VPN, but company guests (or intruders) will only have access to the Internet and a couple of printers.)

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same SSID different channels

by The Scummy One In reply to Wireless - Same SSID from ...

is the preferred method. This configuration should help when setting up roaming as well (switching between access points)

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by EriccS In reply to same SSID different chann ...

Thank you, Pond Scum.

That is what I had expected and understood, but having confirmation eases my mind quite a bit.

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Multiple BSSID

by SDane In reply to same SSID different chann ...

I have 3 WAPs all broadcasting the same SSIDs
One SSID is private (Vlan1)
the other is public (vlan10)

I have all 3 APs using LPRIVATE (hidden)
and LPUBLIC (visible)

I see I have a choice to use a Mutliple BSSID or Single BSSID setting, which is the best to use ?


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