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Wireless Security

By cjmflores ·
Currently, there are many topics revolving wireless LAN security. Topics are around WEP, 802.11 and their weakness and some vendors like CISCO have responded with LEAP using ACS and RADIUS to plug the security holes. My question is, has anyone actully implemented a successful infrastructure using these new products and if so, how secure are you now?
I'm aware that WLANs have successfully been implemented in schools, hospitals, etc. but I'd like to hear from people in the Finacial Industry, like Dean Whitter, Morgan Stanley, where customer's data is Extreamly Sensitive.

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The only way... ?

by Big-Jim In reply to Wireless Security

We are deploying a WLAN with Certificate based VPN clients on our Wireless devices, using IKE/AES-256/SHA-1 as the encryption methods. We feel that the vendor implementations are proprietary, locking us into hardware choices, therefore we will disable WEP, and utilize our VPN connections to a separate Firewall connection, with Strong rules and Strong VPN technology. If anyone connects to our WLAN, they will NOT obtain a DHCP address, and won't have the VPN needed to pass through the Firewall Interface... therefore, we feel that we are secured.

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