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    Wireless setup on Server


    by nitobd ·


    I’ll need to setup wireless service from the network I am building.
    I will use a router (connected from a ISP modem) to connect the network switch to give Internet access to the server and to local users. However, I would like to know if it’s a good idea (for security) to have a Wireless router to share both wireless Internet to client using laptop and to the Switch since this is the entrance point of the network, or to connect a wireless router on the switch to give wireless Internet to laptop client.
    I will also have 3 Wireless Access Point device to expand wireless on 3 different floors.

    Which one is more secure?????
    Using wireless router to share both Wireless Internet and connection to the network Switch or connect Wireless router on the Switch ????

    Also, if I give wireless access to client on main router (the one connected to ISP modem) how does clients using laptop can access the server to access share and emails that is connected to the Switch?


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      by nitobd ·

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      Wireless Security

      by shasca ·

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      Here is a document that covers Wireless Network Security “Best Practices”

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      by sirkozz ·

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      Let me know if I have this right? But I think you’re asking if the wireless router should be a network peer (connected between the router (WAN link router)) and the network switch, or connected to the switch? The answer there is it is irrelevant! To connect ANY WLAN to your LAN without proper security is just asking someone to hack your network! The only way to secure a WLAN from the LAN is to use VLAN’s, a strong EAP type and WPA2! Without this your WLAN is vulnerable to intrusion.

      The previous poster mentioned an article on (home WLAN) security, not relevant in the enterprise! However I do recommend changing the default usernames & passwords, changing the default ESSID, and using firewalls. However WEP/WPA is hacked, you must use WPA2. MAC filtering is useless, it takes a hacker less then a second to figure out a useable MAC on the WLAN. Disabling broadcast??? Who cares??? That’s why god made packet sniffers!!!!! Static IP’s, go figure??? There is no safe placement of an AP. It’s an enterprise production network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It?s on 24/7/365!!!!!

      Not trying to be tough, but NO WLAN is SECURE, EVER!!!

      Just trying to keep your network secure!

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