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By Sandman28 ·
Howdy from Down-Under,

I recently upgraded to ADSL2 here, the maximum speed being 24mbps, anyway I have a 2wire 2701HGV-W, modem which is comming off a central splitter (needed for back to base alarm) Currently my Mum/Dad's Computer is attached via ethernet cable and gets a speed test (at with the results being:
13000kbps (which is good considering my distance from exchange)

Now the problem is, my computer that I use is using a NetgearWG111v2 wireless usb thingo rated at a speed of 54mbps, however when I run the speed test io get results of around 6000-7800kbps. The only differences between the computers is the wireless for mine and that their computer is running Vista (mine XPsp2). Is the wireless the reason for this massive drop in speed? I have run programs like SG TCP Optimizer(
Unblocka ( to try and correct this, apart from running an ethernet cable is there any other way to fix this.

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Do your teeth have ceramic or metal fillings? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wireless Speeds

Howdy from Up-Top!

If your teeth had ceramic fillings you could boast about them, and they'd look much better if someone ever took a photograph of the inside of your mouth.

BUT, whichever filling-material, the food still tastes the same. You'd only have a problem when the fillings fell out...

Get my point?

Unless your bandwidth drops off the scale, get a life.

(Both your quoted speeds are faster than what I achieve in the UK, and I'm advising you!)

<Edited for pitiful UK speeds>

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by symon.l In reply to Do your teeth have cerami ...
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....Wow real helpful! ......

by Sandman28 In reply to Do your teeth have cerami ...

You wouldn't happen to be a dentist would you?

Ohh so you one of those people that bring others down because they can't get the same things, I wasn't complaining about the overall speed, I was asking wether the wireless would make the difference as I had read on a forum that it running at 54mbps shouldnt slow down something as low as 15mbps, So upon finding out the reason for the difference I could correct it. Anyway despite your poor attitude I hope the Uk gets better speeds for you (although I thought australia was one of the worst/slowest/most expensive providers for fast internet in the developed world?)

Cheers Anyway

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Ah, but I live out in the (Scottish) sticks ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ....Wow real helpful! ... ...

The air is far cleaner, the people are far friendlier, and the broadband is far slower.

Two out of three ain't bad.

After some 30 years of working in cities across Western Europe, all I can honestly say is:

If getting Starbuck-speed involves living, working and breathing in a city, I'll just stay living at 58' North.

Speed is relative anyway - it amuses me to see users struggling to keep up with the AMD/nVidia march for faster and faster frame rates in their games. They sit, proudly playing a game at 70, 80, even 90 fps thinking they are absorbing all that they have amassed - then plop down to watch the local television news at 25/30 fps and don't even notice!

THAT is why I made the comparison about the fillings in your teeth.

And no, I'm not a Dentist - I was mainly a Print Buyer. Now I'm what it says in my stated Job Role. :)


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No that's good for WiFi

by OH Smeg In reply to Wireless Speeds

It's slower than Wired connections and as you already know this why are you even asking? The stated speeds are at best optimistic and while some WiFi may claim that link at 54 MBS the reality is it's much slower. Exactly the same as the average LAN will transmit data at 100 MBS but in reality it's much slower.

If something is rated to 100 MBS and another technology is supposed to be rated to 54 MBS it's reasonable to expect there to be a differences between the two.

Remember that your parents system is still connection by Ethernet Cable and that is only 100 MBS at best and is contributing to the estimated speed of the connection.

If files are moving fast enough to be usable that's good enough for you and if you want it to be faster run some cable as it is faster than WiFi ever could hope to be.

Now much more importantly which Service Provider in AU is supplying ADSL at 24 MBS?


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Maybe he lives on the Woomera Test Facility.

by OldER Mycroft In reply to No that's good for WiFi

24MB/S has gotta be in the Buck Rogers league!

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Not wrong there Mate.

by OH Smeg In reply to Maybe he lives on the Woo ...

I have cable with an Advertised speed of 20 MBS and it's nothing like that but at least it's faster than the ADSL that I used to have.

But as I'm in Brisbane and not Newcastle I should have something faster or as Fast as what is available down there. After all I'm in a Capitol City that got this long before the Provincial Centers. The Providers are still the same and use the same technology so I'm wondering what I need to do to get a Faster Cheaper connection. :^0


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by Sandman28 In reply to No that's good for WiFi

Yep, thats exactly what I needed to know, as I had read on some forum a person saying that since the wireless is 54mbps then it woodnt affect a small speed like 15mbps (obviously person was talking out their ***), btw most adsl2/+ providers in australia are offering the same plan im on, and its only $50 a month (and i like about 1km from the exchange). After finding out that i'll now get to running a cable through the house. Cheers

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Well I'm in Brissy

by OH Smeg In reply to Thanks

And here the Telco's are advertising ADSL2 at something like 1 MEG Download and 500K Upload speeds. Optus is advertising 20 MBS download speeds for Cable though.

As for running the cable if you don't have the tool to insert the CAT 5 Cable into the Sockets for wall plates, places like Jaycar have some Wall Sockets & Plates that will accept a RJ45 Plug in the back and a RJ45 Plug on the outside of the wall to the Computer/Modem or whatever. every Wholesaler sells 50 Mt CAT5 Cables at reasonable prices so try one of those or one of the specialized Computer Resellers for the Cable. I personally carry around several 50 MT Leads to use as Fly Leads when I run into Networking problems.


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