Wireless throughput vs latency

By gilctc ·
We run a star(single root radio Cisco 1310) wireless network with 10 clients(Cisco 350 & 1310) with a point to point(Quick Bridge Tsunami) link back to server farm.
Users are 85% thin clients(about 35)each site has at least one network printer and some have PCs or laptops.
When things are quiet root radio through put can be as high as 11mb/s with no latency but when everyone arrives any through put above 3mb/s users experience intermittent latency(typing delays and slow opening).
Is it that the root radio cannot handle the number of requests (ie every key stroke and return letter display) or is it deeper in the server farm?
Server farm runs dual core hypertheadiing and gigalans.

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Without knowing more I would opt for the Wireless as the problem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wireless throughput vs la ...

Thin Clients use a Lot of Network Bandwidth and channeling these through a WiFi LAN is going to cause some speed problems. There is a lot of Data that any Thin Client has to transmit over the LAN to keep the screen refreshed let alone continue to keep the system running.

When you add large Filer Transfers or Access to this you are effectively Overloading the LAN.


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