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    wireless to wired ethernet connection


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    Due to a change from DSL to Cable Internet access, I have 3 of my 4 computers on a wireless router. My 4th computer is an iMac runing OS 9.2.
    I’d like to get it back on the Internet but the router had to be move to a location that doesn’t lend itself to running an Ethernet cable to the iMac (as I had done in the past with DSL). I can’t seem to find a USB wireless device that supports OS 9.2 and I don’t want to upgrade to OS X.
    Is it possible to connect the iMac to a PC that has a USB wireless device (and thus can access the Internet) to this iMac (which is in the same room as the PC) that would allow the iMac to access the Internet via a connection to the wireless connected PC?

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      If your PC has a LAN Port you can always use a Crossover Cable but personally my preference would be to use a cheap hub and a couple of CAT5E Cables they give fewer problems and work out about the same price when everything is said & done.

      If you connect the I Mac to the PC you should then be able to get Internet Access though because it’s WiFi it will be slower than the wired connection and may involve a bit of messing around by bridging the LAN & WiFI connection on the PC.


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