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Wireless voice over IP network???

By keithy_o ·
Can Voice over IP be run on a wireless network?

I am a student and part of my project is to setup up an office with computers and phones, i wanna run both on a wireless setup!!

Is this possible?

and where can i get the information, or supplier details from?

Thanks in advance


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by Joseph Moore In reply to Wireless voice over IP ne ...

It is just a matter of bandwidth if a wireless network can handle the VoIP. But there is nothing in wirless that would prevent VoIP.

Take a look here for resources:

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by plexer In reply to Wireless voice over IP ne ...

5 points? sheesh.

Yes it's possible and try google to search for voip.

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by dplewis In reply to Wireless voice over IP ne ...

Bandwidth is generally NOT the issue running packetised Voice (usually over IP - VoIP) over WLAN. Even without low bit rate encoding techniques like G.729 a voice stream typically uses only approx. 80 Kb/S, which is not a problem for standard 802.11b WLAN, over which you can usually get roughly 5 Mb/S of real throughput at 11 Mb/S clock-rate. The problem with wireless is Quality of Service (QoS) related. Wireless on a given channel (frequency) allows only one device to communicate at a time and the CSMA/CA Media Access method used means any client cannot guarantee to access the "wire" as and when it needs to - it has to listen, check the air is clear, then make a Request to Send (RTS) to the Access Point, which then Clears to Send (telling other clients to back off for a period). If a VoIP client ha to back off for long enough, the voice stream will be affected. In a WLAN that is very little utilised (low number of clients and/or low traffic generated) VoIP over WLAN WILL WORK but as QoS is not guaranteed at all times, the voice operation is not guaranteed at all times. Have a look on the Cisco web-site - they now make an 802.11b IP phone for their Call Manager / AVVID solution.

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by mholser In reply to Wireless voice over IP ne ...

Yes, it is possible to run Voice over IP via a wireless LAN. In fact I have talked to the Nortel technician via a soft phone running on a laptop and connected to the LAN via a 802.11b compatible network card. As stated above you need to be able to implement quality of service in order to maintain acceptable voice quality. Nortel does this by connecting the access point to a QOS capable switch (either the business policy switch, Nortel 470 switch, or Passport 8600). QOS must be implemented end-to-end in order to maintain quality.

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