Wireless w/PEAP

By Peter Recz ·
Hi guys,

I've read through the Ultimate Guide to Enterprise WAN Security and am looking to implement a similar setup using a 3Com WX1200 wireless switch.

I followed through the guide step-by-step but run into problems with certificates and decided to pull back the design for now and get the basics working.

1. I have setup an IAS server with wireless access enabled for all domain users
2. Enabled authentication via the remote RADIUS IAS server on the 3Com switch

As it stands the authentication requests are getting through to the IAS server and Event ID 1 "User DOMAIN\username was granted access." is shown in the event logs. The wireless client however recieves an "acquiring network address" message and never get's connected to the network.

When setting a manual IP address the connection is "connected" momentarily but drops soon after.

When the switch is set to local authentication the wireless connection works.

Also I have disabled the option on the wireless client to "validate server certificate" as I'm currently running the setup without certificates to try and simplify things.

Any help or feedback is greatly appreciated and I apologise for the relatively basic description, when it comes to wireless troubleshooting my knowledge is next to nothing.

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PEAP can work pretty good

by jsullo In reply to Wireless w/PEAP

I'm not clear what you are looking for from your text. However PEAP allows you to know who is authenticating you and that your AP infrustructure has not been spoofed. Also from the perspective of the network one must have your cert and usname and password to be able to connect and logon. If you add mac address listing to that (not an endorsement of mac address listing) but if you did that would be four things that they would need to have to get on your network. Never really worked with LEAP or EAP-Fast

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