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Does anyone where i can get those "switch-on" wires that comes with PC case? Does anyone know what is the specific name for that wire? please help?

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Do you mean that the switch is gone on your computer?..

You need to change the wires because they are bad or have you damaged them?.
You mean the wires that come from the on/off switch on your case?.
If this is the case then any good electrical shop will do the wires that you are looking for.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
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Which ones?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to WIRES

Do you mean the Power On/Reset Button ones that come on a ATX Case or a Power Switch that comes on a AT Case?

The ATX is just a contact switch with 2 wires on it and you can use a Reset Switch which is the same thing but with different writing on the Plug that plugs to the M'Board. I generally pull them out of old cases as I'm junking them as Test Leads.

If you mean the AT Power Switch this is a Single Throw Double Pole Switch that works on Mains Voltage so you need to be extremely careful particularly with the ones that you are required to solder onto the Power Wires of the Power Supply. These switches come with New Power Supplies so when they fail you generally replace the PS it's faster and cheaper that's all.

The ATX Switches you can buy the Contact Switch at any Electronics Store as well as the Hookup Wire and the 2 Pin Connector and make your own though you don't have to use a Double Pole Switch like the Case Makers do.


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