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Wireshark - NBNS Name Query Problem

By Grey Hat Geek ·
While looking at Wireshark on my network this evening, I noticed that there are numerous NBNS name queries going out to computers that were located at my old job. I have stopped the netbios service, but they are still happening. My previous job did have a mixed network. Here is an example of what I am seeing. NBNS Name query NB GYM_HP3_LAPTOP<00>

There is another computer that it will do the same thing on as well. Any ideas on how I can stop all of these queries? I no longer work there and would like to see that traffic stopped (it really is alot of traffic). Thanks for the help.

BTW, I am using Vista Ultimate Edition, computers at old job all had Win XP SP2

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Are you sure anything is leaving your network ?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wireshark - NBNS Name Que ...

192.168.x.xxx is an internal address.

So both are internal addresses.

Might it not be that both of your networked computers are simply talking to each other?

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Leaving Network

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to Are you sure anything is ...

Hello Old Mycroft,

Yes, both are internal addresses, the thing is that both of the computer names that it is sending out a query for computers that are not on my network. They are computers that were on a network at my last job. It is like it is still searching for them, but on my home network. I was wondering why it would still do that, and what I can do to stop that traffic. I figured since it had to do with netbios, if I turned off that service it would possibly stop the queries, but it did not. So, I need to stop the Netbios name service from querying the computers that were on my old work network, hope that makes sense! Thanks for the reply, any other suggestions?

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flush netbios....?

by ---TK--- In reply to Leaving Network

Run command, cmd, netstat -R

This will flush your netbios cache....
here is a link that might be usefull.

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by Grey Hat Geek In reply to flush netbios....?

Thanks TK, I will give that a try when I get home from work tonight.

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Shared Drives, Shared Printers

by robo_dev In reply to Wireshark - NBNS Name Que ...

Got shares or printers setup to devices that no longer exist? Clean out your network neighborhood.

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Clean Up

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to Shared Drives, Shared Pri ...

Thanks Robo_dev, I will check on that as well.

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Problem Solved

by Grey Hat Geek In reply to Shared Drives, Shared Pri ...


That was it, I had completely forgotten to take off the networked printers that I still had on my computer. Appreciate the heads up!

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