wiresless mouse and keyboard

By mafiachild1985 ·
My girlfriend's dad wants to set up his computer for the optimal laziness. A wireless mouse and keyboard at his couch so he doesn't need to get up. Unfortunately he has an older microwave, a big screen TV 5 phones (in one room) it is so wattage that his N-plus receiver doesn't even pick up the signal given by his community which is only hundred feet away (it's legal) needless to say he can't get the mouse to work to far away is there any mouse and keyboard built on the 5ghz wavelength?

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Easy answer is

by OH Smeg In reply to wiresless mouse and keybo ...

No there is nothing designed to work at a distance like that.

If you read the instructions that come with the Wireless Keyboard/Mouse they say something like a range of 10 feet and even that is pushing things.


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You can get up to 10 meters

by Jacky Howe In reply to wiresless mouse and keybo ...
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Anyway - the conveyor belt would interfere with the keyboard..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to wiresless mouse and keybo ...

Y'know - the conveyor belt that you'd be fitting for supplying all food and drink from his wirelessly-controlled kitchen.

Mind you, there's another idiot on TR that's just cracked the mastery of Magnetic Propulsion -

- maybe he could help your girlfriend's BLOB.

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Alternately - how about a pole-vaulting stick and ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to wiresless mouse and keybo ...

An over-laid large format touch screen. :^0

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could see the screen getting damaged

by .Martin. In reply to Alternately - how about a ...

those pole-vaulting sticks are pointy.....

unless you got a pole cover...

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Yeah you're right - that wouldn't work ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to could see the screen gett ...

Mind you the bloke's probably spent so long slobbing out on the couch, he'd have difficulty holding up a remote control, never mind a pole-vaulting doobrie (pointy or not).

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by mafiachild1985 In reply to Yeah you're right - that ...

Well I get the point that a long range mouse isn't in the works just yet unless it's bluetooth and there isn't a hole lot of Bluetooth desktops around here (cough Apple cough)

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Maybe you could use a USB Mouse

by OH Smeg In reply to okay

with the USB Side of things plugged into a USB Extension Lead to shorten the distance between the Computer and the Keyboard. Or you could use a VGA Extension Cable to pipe the Video tot he TV and move the computer closer to the user.

But even still the longer the extension lead the more Lag will be built into the system so if fast input is required like for games, it may not work all that well.


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by mafiachild1985 In reply to Maybe you could use a USB ...

Well papa bear hurt his neck so it is mearly temp. What we did was set up two extension cables to make the wired ones move closer the wireless would have been gret but a ten ft range just aint enough especially with so much interference.

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