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Wiring 2.5mm(PC)jack cable to 3.5mm jack

By colgate ·
Hi Everyone

I've lost my digital camera's PC cable and I'm trying to make do with my very own 'home-made' version. Haven't a clue about electrics but I'm hoping with your help to learn... fast!

I've found a cable which is similar to my original one, however, it has a 2.5mm jack and I need a 3.5mm.

Now have a 3.5mm in my hand and have disconnected the 2.5mm. Cable has 4 wires: brown, black red and a bunch of lose ones. Does anyone out there know how to connect these onto the 3.5mm jack?????

I'd appreciate a diagram if possible.

Colgate Girl... bringing a smile to your face :-)

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Wiring 2.5mm(PC)jack cable to 3.5mm jack

by TheChas In reply to Wiring 2.5mm(PC)jack cabl ...

Hi Colgate Girl,

The first thing to do, is see if the camera manufacture has a wiring diagram posted on their web site.

Next, if you have a friend who has a similar cable, borrow it, and use a multi-meter to ohm out the connections.

I STRONGLY recommend that you try to verify before building your own cable!!!

You will need:
A multi-meter,
Soldering iron,
Wire cutters,
Wire stripper

Now, is the 2.5mm jack on both ends?
If so, it is likely that the wires should be the same on each end.

Brown will be 1 signal
Red the other.
These will wire to the ring and tip on the jack.
The tip is the small end of the jack.
The ring is the band between the tip and the body of the jack.

The larger body area of the jack is the ground.
(Usually the black lead)

The loose wires are the shield for the cable.
These should be terminated to chassis ground at the computer end of the cable.
At the camera end, you should be able to leave them un-connected.
Make sure that you trim the loose leads and protect them from shorting to the other leads.
(I use heat shrink tubing.)

You need to use electronics grade solder to solder the wires to the jack.
The flux in plumbing solder WILL corrode the jack over time.

After soldering the leads and assembling the jack, ohm out the cable to make sure that all wires are connected properly, and that there are no shorts between leads.


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