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Wirless out of range problem?

By mak15 ·
Hi all! Current Cable router MR814v2, but it's out of range at where I wanted to use. Should I deploy another cable router or just a wirless switch? If wirless switch, can I use it wirlessly connect to the current Router or have to connect via RJ45? And the security, is there any securities in the switch that I can set to prevent someone tap into my network? Thanks for you advices!!!

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by maddiuex In reply to Wirless out of range prob ...

Have the same one, here is a document that explains what you need to do

To Configure the FVM318

Turn off the DHCP server in the FVM318, and give the FVM318 a fixed IP address on the LAN subnet, as follows:

1) Go to the Configure Wireless Settings menu for IPSec security.
2) Select LAN IP, and disable DHCP by unchecking Use router as DHCP server.
3) Select LAN IP, and change the IP address to
4) Click Apply.
5) (This step is not needed unless using an FVM31 Go to the Static Routes menu and define a new static route as follows:

Route Name = anything you like
Active = checked
Private = checked
Destination IP Address =
IP Subnet Mask =
Gateway IP Address = (Or your IP, if it's not as shown in the diagram above for "Another Router".)
Metric = 2

6) Click Apply.

To Configure the SafeNet SoftRemote Basic VPN Client Software

(This section is not relevant unless using an FVM318.) In other situations the FVM318 would probably be your main router, and your Internet Gateway and IPSec Gateway. For this application however, the FVM318 is your computer?s IPSec Gateway, and another router is your Internet Gateway. The Internet Gateway address will be obtained by DHCP, but you must manually specify the IPSec Gateway, as follows:

1) In the Basic VPN client configuration utility, change IPSec Gateway from LAN Gateway to IP Address.
2) In the box, enter the LAN IP address of the FVM318 (

To Configure the Network Connection

Do not connect FVM318?s WAN port to anything.
Connect any FVM318 LAN port to the existing LAN.

Hope this helps

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by TheChas In reply to Wirless out of range prob ...

First, can you move the router to a different location where it would cover all the area needed?

High frequency RF can be very easy to attenuate. Even foil backed wall insulation can cause problems.

If you do need to cover a larger area than the router can on it's own, what you want to add is an access point.

In addition to security settings on both the router and the access point, you might want to see if you can position the router and access point such that the signal does not reach far enough for someone else to tap into it.
If need be, you could even install copper foil shielding along the outside walls to attenuate the signal enough to keep hackers from tapping in.


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by mak15 In reply to Wirless out of range prob ...

Is the Wirless Access point connected to the router wirlessly, or wired? Is it possible to connect wirlessly? Thanks!

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by mak15 In reply to Wirless out of range prob ...

What if I need DHCP server to be turn on at both places? I need to do with two router with two different subnet masks? Or there is something else more proper? Thanks again!

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