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wirless rooter

By alkhs123 ·
first of all sory for my english. i have a wirless rooter in my home and other members of my family are using the internet. i want to limit the internet speed that they are using(i dont want them to undestand what am i done). is this possible?

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by ReWrite In reply to wirless rooter

You will need a bandwidth manager. You don't specify what os you are using so I'm assuming w2k or xp. Check out this site:



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by mohammadsuhaimi In reply to wirless rooter

My I know the model of your wireless router?

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by razz2 In reply to wirless rooter

It would would help to know the router Make, Model, and
firmware version. The suggested software from RW is a great
suggestion but may not fit your needs as it appears to run on a
gateway system. If used with a router the manual says it should
be on each system, That kills the keeping them in the dark part.

With your router you may have all you need. Many consumer
models now have the abiltiy to manage bandwith by protocol.
Such as the Linksys RV0xx series.

Good Luck,


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by jrubi In reply to wirless rooter

Perhaps it is too much for a home lan.. but I?m doing a bandwith control for more than 100 different subnets with a REDHAT LINUX 9 whit a CBQ bandwith control.-

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