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With all the spam I'm seeing on the site today,

it makes me wonder about a couple of things.

Like, where's the bread? Or some cheese? Or even something to wash it all down with?
(Insert emoticon here)

But to be serious for once, has anyone deciphered what today's spammers are saying? It appears- to me at a glance at least- to be a large collection of news items, jumbled or corrupted into mostly nonsense.

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It's Friday

by mjd420nova In reply to With all the spam I'm see ...

I've noticed that not just here but at a lot of forums throughout the internet that the spammers hit late on Fridays, because they figure that most of the moderators and forums police take the weekends off and they'll get more exposure that way. Here on TR, the spam gets seen by many before it gets tagged and even a longer period before it gets yanked.

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Probably why I've never seen it before. I tend to be home around this time.

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by santeewelding In reply to Oh.

With no access to TR?

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unfortunately for now,

though that will change soon. (At the moment, my assignment is causing intense writer's block, so I have extra time to type here as my brain collects its thoughts.)

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by seanferd In reply to It's Friday

was heavy with spam in a few fora I visit. I assumed the same cause you suggest.

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Rather than make the unfortunate move to bump the spam(?) again...

... I'll reply here. It does appear to be a code of some sort (from the scattered words throughout, it claims to be news documents and other information from various locations including china and several "middle-east" countries- or it could just be a crude info dump).

Or it could even be "government secrets." -gasp-

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Perhaps it is the only way this one can talk and we do not get it

by Michael Jay In reply to Rather than make the unfo ...

or not, looking around and trying to understand just what our poster said I uncovered this:
much earlier this year he posted over there.

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I believe that, given enough time,

I may be able to fully decipher the meaning of the text (it helps that the content of the linked post is far more clear than the ones posted here). At the moment, I have no such motivation (as I finally understand how to word the next few paragraphs of my paper).

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I believe that, given eno ...

ever wrote one paper I didn't like writing. It was a technical paper.

Dang I keep forgetting to close my tags.

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