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Please can you help me with proepectus of how to design, implement/install a wireless lan in a big school of 3 storey building. And with the cost of it. (that is step to step on how you can achieve it).

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Come on...

by TobiF In reply to WLAN DESIGN

That information is just about enough for a homework.
But it's way to little for someone to actually make the design.

So, as opposed to all us else, you know what your school looks like.

And now, start thinking, how you'd do it.
Where would you place the AP for good coverage and reasonable cabling?
Where would you put the router?
Would you set up a Linux box to control access?
What other functions would you like to include? What would you need for that?
How much maintenance will be needed?

And so on.

We aren't gonna do it for you. But if you want to get an opinion on some specific product, or you just can't make up your mind whether the DHCP and access control should be in a reused PC or directly in a consumer router with alternative firmware, then give us a shout!

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by Ashanic In reply to WLAN DESIGN

first you have to know exact what you need and second you have to know what kind of Hardware can you use.
like in your case you don't need to have small power Access points, all you need is AP like CISCO WP4400N and you need to use IEEE 802.11n not 802.1b or g

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And the cost

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to WLAN

In UK Pounds is??

Don't forget to state a supplier as well so this Student knows where to go to get the right price.


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Alternative approach

by TobiF In reply to WLAN DESIGN

Arrange with Starbucks to set up a coffee shop on each floor. They will then organize wifi themselves!

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