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    WLAN subnet


    by old-flyer ·

    I have a client that operates a resturant and wants to provide his customers with wireless access to the internet. The currently have a small network (2 host) and high speed access. My thought was to find a device that could be configured with the LAN and the WLAN in different subnets and the device would be a firewall/gateway. The reason for have LAN/WLAN in different subnets is to keep the LAN private. I only have a budget of about $150.00. Any suggestions would be greatly apreciated.


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      by bfilmfan ·

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      Sounds as if you need a 5 port switch that can set up a VLAN. If you are charging for your time to configure this device, setup the VLAN, configure the firewall rules and verify operations all for $150 is asking for a tad much, unless you are charging minimum wage for your time.

      Unless someone knows of a cheaper device, I’d think that a Netscreen HSC would meet your needs , but that device is in the $325-375 dollar range. Assuming that you are charging a bit less than most service organizations do to configure routers (I used GeekSquad’s prices as an example), your client would be looking at nearly $500 – $750 for configuration alone.

      In total, the cost of the client including wireless internet access at his site would be about $1000 total.

      So for $150 is all he has to spend, I’d advise he spend it on new tablecloths and menus.

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      by craig herberg ·

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      Why not put a wireless router on the internet side, using one subnet (i.e., 192.168.7.x) and your connect your LAN router’s internet side into a wired input on your wireless router? Your LAN router would use another subnet (i.e., 192.168.4.x). This would keep your LAN invisible to your WLAN. If you don’t yet have a router, a 4-port Linksys wired router will set you back around $50, and a Linksys Wireless G router will be under $100.

      Good luck.

      Craig Herberg

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      by ben-campbell ·

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      You might want to look into the Zyxel Zywall 2 or 5. I installed a 5 recently for a similar situation. You can set your WAP’s off the lan or DMZ, and use IP alias to isolate the whole setup. Really slick. The 2 can be had for under 150 if you look around.

      Ben Campbell

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