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wlan vs lan rewiring

By merah678 ·
case layout:

1)factory layout 100m witdh * 200m lenght
(office are double storey)
2)automotive part (poduction area has same high as 2 floor office)
are produce in the center layout leaving 15m lenght at every end for office
3)currently installed are lan cables that are 8 years old (all over)
4)3 cisco 54mbps ap are newly installed (signal are bad may be from factory's EMI)

case objective:

1)should i rewired all the cablings?
2)should i convert to wlan where the signals are quite busted
3)consider the wlan trial led to messary becouse of signal lost and client unsatisfictory
4)budget constrain
5)top level approch

what should i do to please every one?

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Not enough details to be thorough

by Deadly Ernest In reply to wlan vs lan rewiring

but here is a few things to look at, I am assuming that this is not an assignment. And I gather that you have offices at both ends of the building. I am also assuming that you are currently using cat5 cable.

1. limit runs through the production area, use a switch or router for each end of the building with a single run across the rpoduction are. If some systems are in the production area I would suggest another switch or router in there to handle them.

This should greatly reduce the emi within each office area.

2. When laying any new cable use external usage cat5e as this will provide better protection against emi and any chemicals in the air. I would push to replace all cables that go through the production area with this.

3. The absolutely best answer is more expensive and that would be to use fibre cable through the production area, but this cost may not be warranted.

4. When possible upgrade system to 10/100/1000 mbps NICS, switches, routers and cables as this will improve preformance but it may be best to take a planned approach to do as equipment needs replacing - cost factors again.

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for review

by merah678 In reply to wlan vs lan rewiring

case fact :

1)bbone currently runs on stp
2)the offices are located at each end
3)hr,board,finance and manufacturing are in front
4)pvd and store are at the back
5)(1)bbone runs from server to pvd (horivontal)
(2)bbone runs from server to finance (vertical)
6)cat5e cabling,with switches for every department
7)ap for wlan support in finance,manufacturing office and pvd
150 clients during peak time
9)still finding software to monitor lan bandwith

major couses of emi from heavy machinaries :
1)stamping machines
2)extrusion machines
3)roll forming machines
4)some machine that produced up to 140 dB
5)collective heat from machines up 38 celcius (troughout the prod flour aroud 37 celcius)

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