WLAN with Verizon DSL

By tessary ·
I have Verizon Online DSL and need to setup a wireless LAN. I have contacted Verizon, and they are no help. My desktop recognizes the Linksys WRT54GS wireless router. My laptop recognizes and connects to the wireless router. But, for some reason the router will not make the connection to the Verizon DSL. What can be the problem?

Thank you

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re: Wireless with Verizon DSL

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to WLAN with Verizon DSL

There are a couple of things to consider when using Verizon.

(1) Did they force you to run their DSL setup disk to get the computer connected in the first place? If so, you'll need to aquire some information from them so you can feed the details to the router, namely your username/password and the protocol used to connect to them. And, you may possibly need to uninstall their software. Before you bought the Linksys, did you have to manually connect to Verizon using an ICON on your computer, or was it always on?

(2) Are they using PPPoE or PPPoA? According to the user's manual, your Linksys does not appear to support PPPoA. You can TRY to configure it for PPPoE and see if that works, but you need some basic information from Verizon as mentioned in (1) above.

(3) I'm not sure which DSL modem was provided by Verizon, so check the user's manual for it and see if you need to set it to bridging mode when another router is used.

And finally, there is a whole list of things to check in Appendix A of the user's manual for the Linksys. Be sure to read it.

Let us know.

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Thumbs is right, learn about DIY bridging

by teamsiems In reply to WLAN with Verizon DSL

Thumbs2Up touched the tip of the iceburg that is Verizon Wireless support.
I had similar troubles - I think it's very common - with Verizon:

Long story short, educate yourself on PPPoE and bridging connections. I talked to Verizon every night for a week and finally they gave up and sent me a crappy ActionTech modem, but it works. Now I have a $50 Linksys paper weight.

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Describe your topology

by robo_dev In reply to WLAN with Verizon DSL

What DSL modem or router are you using?
what model/make?)

Assuming that you already have a functional wired DSL router, the easiest solution is to

1) disable the DHCP service on the LAN side of the WRT
2) assign the WRT a static address (one that is outside the range of IP addresses granted by your DSL router
3) connect one of the LAN ports of the WRT to the DSL router LAN port. You can then plug your wired PC into either a LAN port on the DSL router or a LAN port on the WRT.

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Verizon WLAN

by jimdrvr99 In reply to WLAN with Verizon DSL

I have verizon wireless as well. What I had to do was uninstall all verizon software and set it manually. You can get all the info from the botom of you router ssid wep/wap nimbers, once you have those configured everything should operate properly.

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