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I need help in. WHile using a airlink wireless USB adapter I've run across an issue that will not allow me to use this adapter because it refers to two versions of adapter in the device manager, one has red x and the other is okay, however I keep getting an error message each time I attempt to connect to monitor that says WLANmon.exe(unable to locate) and then it says ANIOApl.dll was n ot found. WZCSLDR2.exe unable to locate. I attempted to uninstall but will not let me. Please assist

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quickest fix would be to do a system restore back to before you installed

by robo_dev In reply to WLanMon.exe

the usb adapter.

if it's any consolation, the guy in the forum below had the same problem.

Basically, the installer/uninstaller screwed up.

What I would typically do is try to figure out what exact files the installer put on the PC and what registry entries it added. From there, you can manually edit the registry and clean it out.

For example, look in the registry for anioapl.dll and see where the registry has that file location and compare it to where the file actually is (or is not). same thing with the wzcsldr2.exe

If you have a spare machine, run the installer while using either regmon/filemon from Winternals (now part of microsoft) or load up a copy of SandBoxie and run the installer in there. Sandboxie will fake the installer into thinking it's working, while logging what reg changes and files it's trying to write.

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