WM causes PC wireless problem

By koonhien ·
I have a HTC Diamond 2 running Windows Mobile WM6.5 which is working perfectly. I also have a Laptop PC which is working perfectly. However, whenever I plug in the WM device to the PC to sync via ActiveSync, my Laptop PC's wireless connection will drop. All other functions on both device work perfectly bar from this issue. Even when I have disconnected the WM device from the Laptop PC, the wireless connection on the Laptop will not work. It keeps searching, establishing network, then drops. Only solution thus far that works is to reboot the Laptop PC without the WM device connected. Any know conflicts between WM6.5 and Windows XP or any other issues with Active Sync? Any thoughts welcome. Many thanks

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Well you have a software conflict happening here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to WM causes PC wireless pro ...

When you attempt to sync the mobile to the NB it's causing a Resource Conflict which will not go away till you restart the NB.

Also you should know that Windows Mobile has proven a disaster for M$ and they have apologized for the ineffective way that it works and probably more importantly that they will not have a new version of it out soon enough.

Look to sometime next year for new version of Windows Mobile maybe but in all honesty probably much longer.

As for the WiFi Device you can try entering the Device Manager and manually setting the Resources for this device when in the Fault Condition, that may or may not be of help.


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i would suggest

by NexS In reply to WM causes PC wireless pro ...

a couple of things for the time being.

1: After the WM device is removed and the problem begins, disconnect from any wireless networks and restart the wifi adapter/service.

2: one thing to try might be to either disconnect from wireless networks before you plug in the WM device and see if your NB works afterward, or to disable the wireless adapter then enable it after the WM device is removed.

Good Luck

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