WMIC remote results incorrect?

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I've recently been tasked to get a list of local printers connected to the computers where I work. There's somewhere in the region of 10 000 machines spread across two sites which obviously makes me cringe when I think of walking around everywhere that a machine could be found with a pen and paper.

My resolution was to write a script that will scan a machine and look for a local printer. The script is working OK, but the CMD command is showing incorrect data. The command I'm running is "wmic /node:[computername] path Win32_Printer get local". This works fine when I run it with the node as the machine I'm running the command in, but if I put the node as a remote machine it returns all the printers being local. I can confirm these results are incorrect as I've used a test machine.

I'm running Windows XP Professional SP3, and so are the client machines. I have also tested this in Windows 7 with the client running Windows 7 and a different client running XP Pro.

Can anyone shed some light as to why the results are incorrect?

Thanks in advance!

######## UPDATE ###########
Have tried running "wmic /node:[computername] path win32_printer get network" and it returns false, so it's not just saying "True" to local because both local and network bits are enabled.

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