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WMV Crashes Computer

By c.lee ·
I have posted this question in a discussion, but I figure some of you may not venture there. In any case, my problem is that WMV files, when played back, at times will crash my computer. It does not happen all the time, but it only happens while I'm playing WMV files - sometimes after I fast forward, sometimes after I close the file, sometimes after I rewind the file.

I am using the latest version of Win XP Pro (Fresh Install w/ Service Pack 2 installed on top) and the latest version of Media Player.

Anybody have any solutions? I guess it would help if I listed my hardware. I'm using Athlon XP 2100, 896 megs RAM, 160 GB HD (EIDE 8MB Cache), 200 GB HD (EIDE 8MB Cache), 200 GB HD (EIDE 8MB Cache), Sony DVD-RW/DL Drive, Soltek SR75-DRV5 Mother Board, Creative Sound Blaster Live Platinum.

Any ideas?

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WMV Crashes Computer

Sounds more like a Media Player issue here but just to make sure that you don't have any hardware problems download the Ultimate Boot CD at

Make yourself a copy and run the Diagnostics just to make sure that there are no hardware issues.

I'll admit that I do try to avoid AMD units as they generally speaking do produce some weird faults all because of chip sets malfunctions it could be something as simple as a conflict occurring between your Soltek M'Board and SB sound card although from previous experience I've found most problems between the M'Board and Video Card Chip sets.

Incidental you've got the model of your M'Board wrong being a Soltek it should start with an SL prefix anyway it doesn't appear on the Soltek site the closest that I can find is the SL-75DRV5-E which has an SIS chip set which are not known for their reliability.

You could always try flashing the BIOS to the newest available if you haven't already tried that it might help.


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by CG IT In reply to WMV Crashes Computer

what video card? and what version of Windows Media player and if 10 what visualization. Some visualizations on WMP 10 have memory leaks.

Might also check for driver updates for your Sound Blaster

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by statykserver In reply to WMV Crashes Computer

Here is a good player that I use when having problems with wmv files or other videos that just won't play in media player.

Alternatively here is a program that is said to be able to repair wmv files (and some other formats).

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by IT-Thunder In reply to WMV Crashes Computer

My likeliest scenario is that you are running low on system memory, or on video memory. Try lessening the amount of hardware acceleration you are using on your video card and seeing if it helps. It will require more time to load a wmv, but it might help the locking up.
Right Click on the screen and select properties...Under the Settings tab, select advanced, and then go into the Troubleshoot tab. Decrease your hardware acceleration all the way down and see if it helps. If it does, then slowly increase it to the point of instability and then take it back one step. Should help. If it doesnt, go out and buy yourself some new memory as 896 isnt quite enough to be running video in the first place, but rather get like 1 - 1.5 gigs. Hope it helps.

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