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.wmv files

By ppoindex ·
I recently started using Vista which came with McAfee installed. As soon as the subscription runs out I am getting rid of it.

I can receive wmv attachments in my email account(Thunderbird) but there are a couple that I can not send. It just sits in my outbox and won't finalize sending. I've disabled McAfee, called my ISP which states that they have no limit and tried other mail programs. I've saved the files to my Desktop and tried attaching them to an email but that didn't work either. They play fine. One of them is 3.0MB while another that I CAN send is 2.76 MB. I don't think it is a size issue.

Sadly, I use dial-up but I've left it hanging for 2 hours with no success. Usually it takes about 20 minutes.

Is there any thing else I can check?


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by WhoWasThat25 In reply to .wmv files

are you offline in the bottom corner? or under file-> offline?

also, is your SMTP/POP3 set up correctly? i would double check those settings

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by ppoindex In reply to Offline?

No, I am online whenever I try to forward the email.

I am assuming my out going server is okay because there are others that go with no problem.

I've researched this extensively and tried all that I know but can't think of anything that could be the problem. That is unless it has something to do with McAfee.

This is a new Vista machine but don't know why that would have anything to do with my mail program.

Any additional ideas?


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Firstly I can not tell you with any certainty

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to .wmv files

Why this is happening but as Vista has both it's IE AND Mail Clients Divorced from the Kernel I would imagine that Thunderbird is equally divorced. There may also be some size limits set as Default by the OS which will not allow to be sent for Security Reasons.

From this prospective you are effectively a Beta Tester for a new product which no one is quite sure how it works. As this is a new computer that came loaded with Vista and you didn't mention which version so that only makes it harder you really only have 2 options neither of which I would hold out much hope on.

1 You can ring the maker of this system and ask for technical help but as they will know next to nothing about how Vista Works and that you have loaded Thunderbird they will blame Thunderbird as the problem and that's about as far as I think that you'll get there.

2 You can post a question to the Windows Vista Forum located here

Though from what I've seen of this place they are devoted M$ Junkies who if they bother answering will in all likely hood insist that Thunderbird isn't a recommended part of Vista so they don't know how it works and will insist that you use the Mail Client that comes shipped with Vista which probably will not work either. From what I've seen posted at this site it seems to be end users attempting to give advice to other end users without any intervention by M$ Staff so that may not be of any help to you but it's worth a try.

You could also contact Mozilla who make Thunderbird and ask them if there are any Known Issues with Thunderbird and your version of Vista that will probably be your best option though I wouldn't be expecting a fast response.

Lastly and this is by every means the last option you could ring M$ Technical Support and ask. However knowing M$ Tech Support they will say that they don't support third Party Programs so contact the supplier of the program for assistance and then give you a nice bill for that useless information.


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