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By penterline ·
I did a window repair on my computer at home. I was running WINXP SP2 and everything was up to date. When I did the repair alot of my drivers disappeared including my USB ports. So I uninstalled SP2 and regained full use of all Ports, printers, etc. I tried this a couple of times with the same results. Is there something I am missing. I am now running XP without any updates or SP2 and everything seems fine. Would I have to do a full reinstall to start fresh or am I missing something ????

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by pierrejamme In reply to WniXP SP2

What is your CD? SP0, SP1 or SP2. If you had SP0 and ran a repair with that, then certainly it would return your computer to SP0 instead of the SP2 you had.
I recommend creating a slipstreamed CD with SP2 if it is SP0 or SP1. you can get all the info and tools you will need at: it is practically painless.
Next time you might also try Fred Langa's "XP's No-Reformat, Nondestructive total Rebuild Option" ratherr than repair. You can find his article on InformationWeek at:
Good Luck
PS sign up for Fred's newsletter, excellent info.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to WniXP SP2

The above poster is correct the original XP only supported USB 1.1 and if you used that every altered file will have been removed and returned to the original form that was on your install CD.

When it comes to tirings like Video Drivers, USB and sound you have to use the proper drivers and sometimes even the M'Board Chip Set Drivers to get the best performance out of the system. Quite often with non Intel Chip Set M'Boards you need to separately install the USB Drivers as well but I would apply SP2 before even contemplating doing this as by adding SP2 you are going to corrupt your USB 1.1 drivers.

If you have the original version of XP you don't need to install SP1 you can just install SP2 and then add the rest of the available patches. If you don't have a copy of SP2 hunt around MS handed these out free for quite some time so you may find one somewhere that you can either beg, steal, borrow or make a copy of for your own personal use they come in very handy and I couldn't work without my copy of SP2.

Just remember before going onto the Web to make sure that your AV program is up to date as you can pick up infections from the MS Site. But after any in place install you have to replace every patch Service Pack & hot fix that has been made available for both the OS and every program installed as these will be removed with the in place install which will allow you to retain your existing software load.


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