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Wobbly display

By matt_paul03 ·
can someone pleae help me i have a problem with my display anything siplayed on my monitor is wobbly prodominently in the top left of the screen i have tried anouther monitor some thing diff graphics card some thing again different drivers and still the same thing sometimes its really bad other times not so noticable any ideas please help

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by Brian Leach In reply to Wobbly display

Using unshielded speakers or anything else with a magnet near your monitor will have this affect. Also, something with a big power source (ie power strips and external power supplies). If you find anything you should move it as these things will cause permenant damage.

BTW did you use the same brand and model of monitor when swapping them out?

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by matt_paul03 In reply to

thanx for ur answer but i have tried all these things and still the same thing could it be something to do with other hardware in my computer?

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by Jennifer.Gardner In reply to Wobbly display

Just to add to Answer #1, desk fans are really bad at causing the screen to jump around.

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by matt_paul03 In reply to

thanx anyway but dont have a desk fan

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by timwalsh In reply to Wobbly display

Another addition:

If you tried everything in the previous answers, and still have the porblem, the cause may be buried in your wall.

I have had a similar problem caused by what ended up being the primary power conduit for the building (very high voltage) running in the wall behind my desk.

Try moving the monitor to a different part of the desk, or even a different part of the room.

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by matt_paul03 In reply to

yeah thank you but i have tried all that moving it around our flat but still same thing is happening i only appeared to happen when we moved to this new flat before hand it was fine could it be something to do with any other hard ware in my computer??

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by TheChas In reply to Wobbly display

Since the problem happened after you moved to the new flat, the problem is related to the flat, and not your computer.

To prove this, take your computer to a friends home, and see if the problem goes away.

Since you have already tried moving the monitor around, here are some more things to check and try.

1. Is the new flat next to an industrial park?
If so, the line voltage could be changing.
IF you know how to properly use one, you can check for power fluctuations with a GOOD analog AC volt-meter.
See if you can borrow a voltage stabilizer. This is different from a surge protector or a UPS.
SOLA and Topaz are 2 manufactures of these devices.

2. Are there any power lines near your flat?
Especially the large towers for major transmission lines. (If the power line is more than 200 feet away, it is not the problem.)
If so, you may need magnetic shielding for the monitor.
See if placing a steel box around the monitor helps.

3. Where are the main power lines for your building?
If you are near where the power comes into the building, there could be many power lines running through the walls and ceiling that distribute the power to the other flats.
Again, the answer is magnetic shielding.


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by matt_paul03 In reply to

checked all these things too still same problem thanx anyway

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by carvercomputers_1 In reply to Wobbly display

Add a power strip with a power stablizer built in this should work. A friend had the same problem

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