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Woman working in IT

By er9797 ·
Have you any idea agree for woman working in IT should be given a salary bonus if they are the only woman in their team or group, please give us a point for agree this argument

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treating them diftly would discriminate

by Dr Dij In reply to Woman working in IT

Sounds like blatant discrimination to give someone a bonus based on their gender.

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by Pandadude In reply to treating them diftly woul ...

Where did he/she get the idea to ask this ?

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I agree with this colleague

by mrspock57 In reply to treating them diftly woul ...

Gender, ethnics, age or any other consideration, apart from knwoledge, experience and performance COULD NOT and MUST NOT be considered for the money you get in your job.

A different consideration is that the employer must encourage and take positive actions that assure there are no kind of such discrimination among co-workers.

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by jrakitin In reply to treating them diftly woul ...

Personally, I think that is ths stupidest idea I have ever heard. AND I have heard a lot of stupid ideas! Bonuses should be based on PERFORMANCE NOT GENDER!

If you were trying to elicit an angry response, it worked.

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don't agree

by jacmari In reply to Woman working in IT

I don't want to get more pay just because I'm a woman. It would be discrimination on the companies part. Woman should never get special treatment.

Just my opinion.. =)

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by smithce In reply to don't agree

I am a woman and have worked in the IT field for 25 years. I think I have been respected for my abilities as a tech and I hate to think that the only reason I am in my position is because I am a woman. If I were paid a bonus for being the only woman on a team, then I could only surmise that others felt that I was overcoming a handicap of some kind. Being a woman is NOT a handicap.

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by acchong In reply to Woman working in IT

Any other reason beside just because of she is a woman for such idea?

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Other duties

by rmcdonald In reply to

She might be getting extra for getting coffee. :)

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I thought it was a seriuos forum...

by mrspock57 In reply to Other duties

Or perhaps Mr. Ronald is the one who is doing wrong here (please McDonald can you bring me a BigMac with french fries and diet soda...?).

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Good one...

by rmcdonald In reply to I thought it was a seriuo ...

I usually do consider this a serious forum, but I was unable to resist (this topic is a joke). I offer my sincere apology to the politically correct police.

BTW, good comeback, I've never heard that one before.

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