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?wonderful opportunities?

By Ed Woychowsky ·
Is it just me, or are headhunters, er, career placement specialists geographically challenged? Let me give an example, I live in Easton Pennsylvania, which is right along the Delaware River within walking distance of New Jersey. I consistently receive e-mails and telephone calls with opportunities in ?my area? for places like Atlanta Georgia, Santa Clara California, Seattle Washington and Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

When questioned the response usually goes along the lines of ?it?s wonderful opportunities?, except for the Pittsburg ones which are along the lines of ?It?s in the same state, it can?t be that far.? I?m sorry, but 600 miles round trip is a bit much for a daily commute. From there the conversation moves on to the subject of relocation. Maybe it?s me, but uprooting the kids and relocating across the country for a four-month ?wonderful opportunity? is bordering on insane.

I?d like to know if anyone else has encountered this issue.

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Only Daily

by Tig2 In reply to ?wonderful opportunities?

I get contacted about "fabulous carreer moves" in L.A., New York, GA, etc pretty much daily. They have gone so far as to suggest that I build in the cost to fly in and out into my rate.

The best was an opportunity (3 months) in Anchorage... during the winter. While cold doesn't scare me- I live in MN- I draw the line at Anchorage.

And what they don't consider is that instant relocation is not an option. If I could get no other position, perhaps that would change. But there is work in the state I live in.

Corollary- Is it just me or does it seem like career placement has been outsourced to India???

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Only Daily

Yeah, I noticed that too. On the plus side, they do offer to help me with getting a green card. Very useful if Pennsylvania ever succeeds from the union.

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I haven't been offered a green card

by Tig2 In reply to Outsourced

But assistance with H1B!

Sheesh! What is up with all this?

While we are on topic, are you finding "career placement specialists" are more pushy these days???

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Pushy headhunters

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to I haven't been offered a ...

Yes, they really don?t know how to take no for an answer. It seems that if you say no today they?ll contact you for the same position in a week. Maybe there is a shortage for some skills, but to me it seems more like feeding time in the Velocirapter pen.

As for the help with green cards and H1Bs, it must be my last name. I can?t tell you how many times I?ve been complemented on my English. I can?t see what the problem is, Woychowsky, you say it like you spell it. Ooh, I just had a Barney Miller flashback.

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Understand completely

by Tig2 In reply to Pushy headhunters

I don't have the last name thing but I have taken calls from people I seriously wanted to send a Funk and Wagnalls to!

While on the 3 Day on Day 1, my phone rang. I stepped off the trail to answer it. It was someone whose name sounded like a dozen consonants in search of a vowel. Started the conversation with, "You need to send me your resume."

Some days I am just not nice. I said, "No, I don't" and hung up. About 5 minutes later, he called back. Welcome to my voice mail! Only reason for having the phone was so I could stay in touch with my partner.

On Monday, I collected the voicemails and started returning calls. Turned out to be a role in Milwaukee. I don't consider the other side of Wisconsin "driving distance" from the Twin Cities.


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India for $1000, Alex

by secretgeekygirl In reply to Understand completely

<i>was someone whose name sounded like a dozen consonants in search of a vowel.</i>


Next time they call, please ask them to say hello to the numpty who took my job... mine was outsourced to India. My company apparently felt that paying the billing companies a higher fee to get the bills on e-format, then sending them to someone in India, who would review them for errors (riiii-i-i-iiight) and e-send them BACK, would reduce the costs of billing review. Not sure how, but hope they got what they wanted! I've been out of work for quite a while now (we moved to another state, and there is NOTHING here - the moon has more job ops), so just started back to college last month to take more classes. Can't hurt, but still no point...

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I understand completely

by Tig2 In reply to India for $1000, Alex

According to FireFox, I use that title frequently. Hmmm.

I have been in your position. It bytes.

Do yourself a favour- when you go back on the market, consider taking a role that may be somewhat beneath you. While I was in school, I took a job doing onsite hardware support from having been a PM for some time. It gave me an opportunity to do some networking, expand some fallback skills, and take a "lay of the land" to get directed more towards what was in demand.

I think that we will see a change in the outsource trend but it won't happen quickly. Know that at least here, you will always be able to commiserate with the rest of us on the "been there, done that" plan.

Good luck to you!

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It's a sad commentary

by jmgarvin In reply to India for $1000, Alex

Outsourcing is normally a GOOD idea, but somehow these companies saw it as a panacea. It's amazing how many highly experienced IT folks are back in school.

I just met a guy with 15 years of experience in IT with great people skills and an uber programmer...but he can't find a dev job to save his life, so he's back in school.

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You might get on with the college

by Too Old For IT In reply to India for $1000, Alex

... or at least check with the placment office.

Or eventually teach. Not the smae as doing, but it pays the bills.

Why did you move to a state with no opportunities?

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Barney Miller

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Pushy headhunters

One of your better exports that. Should re-run it instead of that Friends crap.

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