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Wonderful world of wireless!

By wino460 ·
My current phone is GSM and I have full color access to MOBILE versions of web pages, however the regular versions of a web page often do not load, do not load correctly, or give an error message about memory, and restarts the browser! Since this is a Sprint PCS Vision phone it has its own little start page that give you access to other things, and PORTALS like MSN Mobile, Yahoo Mobile, Earthlink Mobile, and a few others. It is not as fast as my SBC/Yahoo DSL, and the phone is set-up to sync your Outlook contacts, and Calender problem is Sprint WILL OT PROVIDE, or SELL YOU an adapter cable to perform the Sync with as according to there statement about UNLIMITED VISION they DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO HOOK THEM UP TO PC'S as THEY CAN BECOME MODEMS! There were manufacturers out there for my Internet enabled Sanyo 4000 phone that were marketing a phone to USB cable that allowed you to sync the address book, but they found out that a large amount of customer were using the cable to turn there phone into a modem. I had a friend that had his Sprint PCS phone cabled to is laptop, and was on-line constantly while he was riding around in his van showing off how Cool his Mobile computer worked, and this was 2.5-3 years ago. I was told by Sprint Representative that DUE to ABUSE by some Sprint Customers hooking into the Internet this way it was eating there 2G bandwidth up so they no longer supply the phone to USB cable to Sync-up with since this allows the phone to be used as a modem thru the wireless net, and a Laptop. The thing that makes no sense to me is how they can market UNLIMITED VISION SERVICE PLANS, and not have people on-line more then they use the phone for their plan minute calls? Example My daughter has an UNLIMITED PLAN through MY ACCOUNT as an add a phone service (Like most Family Talk plans!) I have seen her usage as it comes on my bill and it looks sort of like this ANYTIME minutes = 300 PCS to PCS = 500 & OFF-PEAK (I assume this to be Nights & Weekends, as well as Vision Minutes.) 700 with a total of 1,300- 1,500 minutes that do not go over the plan and are covered by the regular cost. In this instance what difference does it make if it is through the phones browser or through the laptop connected via a USB cable???? The only real difference would be no memory errors when loading regular web pages, and a bigger screen. I personally have seen very little speed increase between the older Sanyo SCH4000 & the Sanyo RL2000 except the later has a color screen, and does not drop calls when the wind blows! I believe it is possible for anyone with an 801 series or 802 series wireless lap top & an MHz scanner to find an active wireless connection and go on-line for free that way. Perhaps I do not fully understand the whole wireless thing? Sprint offers a PDA phone that has the larger screen, VISION, Bluetooth, and various speeds of CPU'S. These units also almost always have an expansion slot for some form of MMC card that would increase it's ram. I purchased this Sanyo RL2000 with the unlimited vision plan figuring I could surf the Internet at will, had a portal to Yahoo which is my primary e-mail account, and can be downloaded to the phone. I however do believe that the future holds a Walkman sized, star trek type tricorder looking phone that will allow a keypad like a palm, and offer a 5 -6" screen to view video phone calls, run large applications like word, or perhaps 3D cad type programs, along with Internet that displays regular pages is right around the corner. To me this would make wireless laptops unnecessary unless you want to watch a DVD, but hold on my phone can receive streaming TV right now for about $10.00 per month which means I could probably purchase pay-per-views as well. Right now though surfing around the net, and trying to find Mobile pages is more of a pain in the FANNY!

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