Wondows xp with virus. Problems with copying files to flash drive

By cerealkilla ·
I am giving up on my old computer as it has gotten a nasty virus. I am unable to load any antivirus software via flashdrive or cd. I initially tried to copy the files i need to flash drive in safe mode, but thawt didnt work. Getting it to boot normally would stall halway through. I found a way to get my desktop icons back up but i cannot do anything with any files or folders as far as moving or copying them. The desktop isnt locked, I checked. I really want to find a way to get the data I need off the computer. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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This sounds like Hostage Ware not a Virus

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wondows xp with virus. Pr ...

With Hostage Ware it takes your System Data Hostage and you are prompted to buy a product before you can access your Data again.

Initially it makes no difference to the way that the system works but if the warnings to buy are ignored you eventually loose access to your Data and if then allowed to continue you eventually loose the ability to Boot the System.

If that is the case here try MalwareBytes

But there are a couple of changes needed so that you can copy these files to the HDD and install them.

After you download the mbam.exe File you need to rename it to something different. Then copy it to the HDD. After that when you come to install it you need to chose the Advanced Install Option and rename the Default Folder that the Program tries to install itself into. If you do not rename both of these the File will not be possible to copy tot he HDD and it will be blocked as you try to install it. The Infection that you have does this to stop you killing it.

If that fails you will need to remove the HDD from this computer connect to a USB Lead/Enclosure and plug it into another Computer to read the Drive. Though depending on what you have caught your Data may be Encrypted and unavailable.


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