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Won't boot

By mrmyke ·
This is a Win 98 machine. This machine will not start up. I cannot get into the BIOS. The video does not come on. It will boot on occasion but has not done so in a couple of days and usually freezes when you try to do anything. I have unplugged everything except the vid card. Any ideas?

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by fred07 In reply to Won't boot

I would remove all cards and replace the video card with any known working card and report here what happens.

Your wideo card may be bad and causing the problem

If you encounter no problems with other video card then replace one card at a time and make sure no other card is creating the problem.

While inside please reseat your RAM

Hope this helps.


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by TheChas In reply to Won't boot

1. Reset the CMOS memory. Either set the jumper, or remove the battery with power unplugged for 1/2 hour or so.

2. Drop down to 1 known good memory module.

3. Swap in a different power supply.

4. Change CPU.

5. If all of the above does not help, then the problem may be the motherboard itself.


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by cvudayasankar In reply to Won't boot

did you find any symptoms like beepsound.
one beep sound : booting has done in good manner.
so there will not problem in RAM .The problem is
in the display card .change the card.

long beep sound: booting has failed ,surely problem is in the RAM
1. clean the ram then fix it properly
2. Nearer to the cmos baterry there will be one jumper settings, remove it and start the computer.
3.down the computer, fix the jumper in its original place whereyou have removed.
if the above solutions are not allright,chage the RAM .
CRICTICAL problem: Processor may become faulty

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