Wont boot from harddrive

By sanderso1019 ·
Hi, I recently installed a new DVD-RW drive and my computer wont boot from the harddrive when the IDE cable is attached to the dvd drive. Both the harddrive and the dvd is recognised in BIOS. I set the boot priority to boot from hard drive first, but when ever I try to boot the system hangs for a couple of seconds, then it says "boot from CD..." Any idea why this may be happening? Both devices are on the same IDE cable.

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by IC-IT In reply to Wont boot from harddrive

You didn't mention Jumpers or drive positions on the cable.
Usually it is best to have the HD on the end of the cable and both devices set to CS (cable select).

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Will Try CS

by sanderso1019 In reply to Jumpers

While I had the hard drive set as master and the DVD as slave. The harddrive was on the middle connection and the dvd on the end, thats the only it will work on my system, unless I can find a longer cable. I will try th cable select and see if that works.

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Can you put the DVD drive on another cable?

by w2ktechman In reply to Wont boot from harddrive

I have had problems in the past with a cd or dvd drive on the same cable as the hdd.

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by sanderso1019 In reply to Can you put the DVD drive ...

I only have one IDE port on my motherboard. The previous seggestion worked, sort of, I can boot now, but I have to tell it to boot from hard drive every time I start the computer.

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by ctrservices In reply to Nope

You should be able to go into BIOS setup and set the hard drive as the first boot item. Then you should not have to be asked to specify the hd to boot from each time.

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