Won't boot from recovery disc

By Codey86 ·
Ok my girlfriends laptop is acting funky so I go to format/reinstall windows from the recovery disc that came with. Place the disc in drive... Restart pc, put cd rom to top of boot order, made sure boot menu was enabled, when boot menu loaded I selected the cd Rom drive, and it still just keeps loading windows instead of booting from disc. I've tryed whiling the disc. Nothing wrong with it no scratched or dirty. I've even opened the disc in windows and it opens no problem and I can view all the files on it... Will not boot from the disc though. Even tryed using the windows built in recovery from an old 2008 auto backup... Didn't fix anything. Same problems as before. Whats preventing it from booting from disc? Any ideas? It's an old accer laptop. Running windows xp.

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So have you tried a different Boot Disc in that system?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Won't boot from recovery ...

As I'm assuming you are unable to Open Windows on it I would suggest another Boot Disc in the Optical Drive.

If your GFiend has left a Disc in the Drawer often, the Optical Drive is running all of the time that a Optical Disc is in the Optical Drive and it could have degraded the LED that Generates the Light Beams to such an extent that the Drive is no longer capable of reading that Disc Type.

If it's a CD you may be able to read a DVD in the drive or vice versa as there are 2 different color LED's for the different Disc Types.

If that is the case that the Optical Drive has been worn out by not removing the Disc from the drive when it's no longer needed you need to replace the Drive.


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Since you can select the CD-ROM in boot menu

by robo_dev In reply to Won't boot from recovery ...

I assume it can be seen in BIOS?

try resetting the bios to factory defaults

also if you can slide out the CD drive and re-insert the drive, maybe the connection is bad

If the drive door opens, then it's getting power....does the drive have an acces light, and is it lighting up? Can you hear it spinning and is disc spinning if you open door?

I would guess the CD drive is bad, or has dirty lens.

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I found this info on another site that was talking about Acer recovery CDs

by Sue T In reply to Won't boot from recovery ...

and maybe it is what you need to do. You must press ALT + F10 when started notebook. I hope that is the answer.
Good Luck.

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