Won't Boot Up

By a_r_leonard ·
I have a gateway 310. It will not boot up. I have changed the motherboard which is a thrasher motherboard 4000812. I changed the fan and heatsink because the fan stopped working. I changed the power controller. After all of this, the computer still will not boot up. The fan is not turning at all on the power supply. When I plug in the computer and press the power button the motherboard flashes a green light but it still does not boot up. I unplug the computer and the light stays green then fade away. I turned of the computer and unplugged the connector that runs from the power supply to the motherboard and the flashing stops but as soon as I press the power button the flashing starts again. Can anyone help me?

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Check and re-check all...

Of your connections.
1) Computer will not boot if the processor is not seated/connected properly. Solution: Take it out and re-seat it.
2) Computer will not boot if the memory is not seated/connected properly. Solution: Take it out and re-seat it.
3) Computer will not boot if the power supply is: Faulty, not up to the job (IE: not powerful enough), connectors to the motherboard are not connected properly.
4) Computer will not boot if you killed it with static. Solution: Wear a static wrist strap (AT ALL TIMES) when you do a update or repair inside your computer.
Please re-check all of the above and repost if you are still having the problems.

Please post back if you have more problems or questions.

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won't boot up

by a_r_leonard In reply to Check and re-check all...

before I changed anything in the computer it would not boot up. I have checked all connections and cpu is properly installed with clip fasten. I think it might be the power supply because one day it was working then it went out then came back on now it's out completely. The fan on cpu or power supply does not turn. As I said before, I am only getting a flashing green light from the motherboard this is a new motherboard, but thinking back I don't think anything was wrong with the old motherboard because they are behaving the same way with the flashing green light on the motherboard.

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E Machines have really Marginal Power Supplies

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to won't boot up

At the best of times. Whenever you hit a problem with any E Machine Computer the first thing you should try is replacing the Power Supply with a Known Good One.

As you have just been swapping parts here without first testing them you can not even be sure that you actually have something that can work. Instead of changing everything Willy nilly you should start making 1 Change at a time and see what is required to make it work again.

Just a side note when you swapped out the PS did you even look at the Power Ratting on it and compare that to the new one? You should be looking at something in the 300 W Range to replace the old one with. If you went smaller when you changed the PS it's unlikely to work.

The Green LED is telling you that the 3 Volt Rail is getting some power but with the Fans not running the 12 Volt Rail doesn't have any power and quite likely the 5 Volt Rail doesn't either. Try fitting a Known Good Power Supply and see what happens next.


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Have a read

by Jacky Howe In reply to Won't Boot Up

Getting to know your power supply by Faithe Wempen

I think that it needs replacing. Also make sure that you are using CPU Grease when replacing Heatsinks. Check the Capacitors for bulging. Check that the Fans spin freely if there is any resistance replace them.

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