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    Wont power on

    by spritebud ·


    I have a computer that i use at one location in the house without ANY issues. However when i move it to my computer desk, it wont power on at all. I have even tried manually shorting the power pins, but still nothing happens. Have tried more than one power cable, nothing happens. The power light for the motherboard is on and green, and when i plug in my powered HDMI cable the fan turns on, but i cannot get the computer to power on at all.

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      You might try…..

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Wont power on

      Get an electrical meter and check the voltage/amps on the plugs to see if the current is fluctuating or not the same as the good location. .

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        by spritebud ·

        In reply to You might try…..

        I tested both plugs and both showing the same amperage and the same voltage its steady (not fluctuating at all).

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          I am wondering…..

          by birdmantd ·

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          if it might be a power supply issue, internally on the laptop. You might need to take the computer to a shop for evaluation.

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          by spritebud ·

          In reply to I am wondering…..

          Its a desktop, not a laptop. and the power supply is brand new, and tested as there was an old one that fried my entire system and i had to get a new one from the company that sold it. They sent me a new one with the QC sticker still on it.

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          Even though you say it is new….

          by birdmantd ·

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          It is still possible that the PSU has an internal issue. Not unheard of with modern electronics. Did you test it or take it to a shop to test it ?

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      Re: won’t power on

      by kees_b ·

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      If the mother board has power and the fans of the powered HDMI-cable (what’s that and what fans does the cable have?) are on, it obviously is powered on.

      What exactly do you mean with “won’t power on” and “nothing happens”?

      And a question: you say it worked at the old location and no longer works at the new location. Does it still work at the old location? If yes, there’s something very special with the new location. If no, it seems it died during the move. Can happen. Find a repair shop then to fix it.

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        I will try moving back

        by spritebud ·

        In reply to Re: won’t power on

        The cable has to fan, but when i plug in the attached usb (its a very long hdmi, i assume the UBS plug is for power), the cpu fan turns on. Very low, but certainly on.

        And but “wont power on” i mean that when i press the power switch, nothing at all happens. no fans start, no beep from the boot, nothing at all happens. no screen output, no LED lighting (on the internal parts), nothing happens.

        And i havent retested it at the old location yet. I plan to do so over the next few days and will update. I’m starting to think that being plugged into my smart TV may have something to do with it as the tv may tell the system that its there while my monitors may not. But i will move it back and test it. There is really no chance of it dying during the move as the move is only about 6 feet away. i always turn off the power supply when i move it so there is less change of a problem. but i will try moving it back.

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          won’t power up

          by shepbob ·

          In reply to I will try moving back

          I hve run into this when the cmos battery died.
          Cheap repair for a $2.25 Battery

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