Won't recognize internet connection

By UFRanger ·
A friend came me her laptop, cause she says she was on the phone with tech support for 3 hours trying to fix a log in problem, and had growen frustrated with them. I got it and it booted up ok, logged in, and everything seemed ok, however now I can not get it to recognize when their is a ethernet cord in, and will not connect to the internet. I noticed too, it wont recognize when I put a flash drive in, I can access it, but it doesnt show anything is there. And, it will not let me install Spybot - search and destroy, It did Super Malwearbytes,but not Spybot.
Are these 3 things connected ?
Is it a BIOS thing ?
Is it a Driver thing ?
Oh, its a Gateway running windows 8
I thank you for any help anyone can provide

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Could be any one or more of the above

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Won't recognize internet ...

Here it all depends on what was done in the 3 hours she spent with Tech Support and what they got her to do in the beginning.

What does Device Manager show?

That would be where I started looking but most likely if she can not undo what she did while on the phone I would tend to backup all the data & Settings **** away the Installed OS and reload it.

Things get fixed faster that way but you do need to know what she had installed and where it stores it's Data.


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Copy That

by UFRanger In reply to Could be any one or more ...

First off thanks again for the quick responce. I checked the device manager, and it shows that everything is working properly.
I tried a to do a system restore, but it keeps coming up with an error saying " its not functioning correctly on this system" - The Volume Shadow Copy service used by System restore is not working, so it wont let me open restore, or config a new one.
I just talked to her and she's not happy w/ Win 8, a new laptop or wiping and going back to 7, may be the best course.
Ok, just for shits and giggles, say it was a virus, which one would I use to remove it
She has Norton Internet Security, but its not workin right now.

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I'd be trying a Rescue Disc

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Copy That

So that Windows isn't running and you can get a good idea of what is going on. I personally use F Secure for this but it's my personal preference you may prefer something different.

TR had an article on Rescue Discs a while back which is located here which was pretty good and covered the main ones.


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thanks again

by UFRanger In reply to Copy That

Ill try the F Secure, and some other stuff in the article too.
Oh, just been told Super Malwarebytes is a fake, so out the get the real one

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Did you check your your network connection performance?

by dana_p In reply to Won't recognize internet ...

You can try to check it here ->

There is The Connectivity Checker will perform a series of network tests for modern Web Services like WebSockets and WebRTC. A unique url will be created with the results which you can then share with an expert to get your problem diagnosed.

It was helpful for me, I hope that it will be as helpful for you too.

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by Hoozuki In reply to Won't recognize internet ...

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Who is Tech Buzz from Adelaide? and MalwareBytes setup by them

by sonyasnet In reply to Won't recognize internet ...

Had a tech chat online with TechBuzz who setup malwareBytes for me, now cannot contact them, any clues please?

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