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    Won’t Start


    by hawk ·

    My dell computer runs very well and i usually leave it on all the time but for a 2nd time now I push the start button and nothing happens. It did this once before and I finally got it started but can’t remember how. Now it’s happened again and won’t start up. Anybody have any idea what causes this? Thanks, Jerry

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      by hawk ·

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      Unplug the mains lead

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Won’t Start

      If this doesn’t improve the situation you need a Tech to repair the computer.


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      Weak Cap

      by willcomp ·

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      The cause is likely a weak or faulty capacitor in the power supply or on motherboard. Capacitor does not fully discharge when PC is turned off and cannot recharge when PC is turned back on.

      Unplugging PC as OH Smeg recommended should fully discharge caps. If that works, it’ll be temporary until cap completely fails.

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