Won't start after changing cmos battery

By ewalker6 ·
I have a computer that needed a cmos battery. aaai took one out of a older dell that worked fine and now nether PC's will not boot and no monitor, nothing, I even changed the jumper on motherboard. I bought 2 new batteies and samething nothing
any clue please

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Logically - It's got to be your method of removal/renewal

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Won't start after changin ...

Since you initially renewed the battery because it required it.

Therefore, a PC will run with a dead battery: ergo, a PC will run with NO battery.

You must have knocked some other component(s) in each machine, assuming your method was the same in both cases.

I'd check all cabling and plugs.

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Sometimes logic isn't logical

by dsherd In reply to Logically - It's got to b ...

This doesn't fit though, because computers, being devices can be programmed to run at certain times and not others.

I have first hand knowledge of this issue with a Dell L400. It doesn't start, gives no response with a "new" battery but will start without a CMOS battery or with the old CMOS battery. BUT my other Dell L400 doesn't start without a battery in it, but will start with a "dead" battery, but again, not the "new" battery I purchased as a replacement.

I don't think he fowled anything up, unless the original computer doesn't start with the original battery in it.

A "dead" battery isn't dead, just operating with a voltage lower than can be used, so there is still plenty of charge given to the computer to tell it the battery is there.

I think the suggestion is good to check everything, but it can be more idiosyncratic than just simple logic. Wish it were that simple.

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