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Woo hoo, I can view flash videos on my iPhone

By robo_dev ·
I'm not a shameless shil for the software company, I swear.

I spent $2.99 for the SkyFire app, installed it, and whammo--- I was able to watch a flash-video of comedian Lewis Black on my iPhone with no effort; it took a couple seconds 'optimizing' for my phone, but it rendered and played perfectly.

Oh crap, Apple says the app is "sold out":

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Sold out?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Woo hoo, I can view flash ...

How do you 'sell out' something that doesn't physically exist? Is there a shortage of ones and zeroes?

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It's a FLASH to HTML5 converter

by Oz_Media In reply to Sold out?

Skyfire v1.5 $29.95 or free from ISOHunt

Actually, skyfire converts FLASH to HTML5 for playback, iPhone still doesn't actually play FLASH files though.

You can search Pirate Bay or ISOHuNT, they both have it. I don't want to post links here.

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Conversion done by servers

by TobiF In reply to Sold out?

The conversion is run on designated servers. Whenever they add a new server, they can go ahead a sell a certain thousands of more installations.
(Just wonder, for how long the initial app price will be valid, maybe they'll invent some "new - improved" version to continue getting revenue after a while...

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Skyfire is still available

by Oz_Media In reply to Woo hoo, I can view flash ...

It converts FLASH to HTML5 there are actually a couple floating around now.

If you can't find somewhere to buy it, you can download it for free from ISOHunt.

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Just to clarify: I meant the Skyfire iphone web browser app

by robo_dev In reply to Skyfire is still availabl ...

For $3 it just works. No configuration, no login, nothing. I have a 3GS with a 3G connection.

Regarding the "sold out" status

The Skyfire servers were getting hammered with traffic, causing user videos to stutter/timeout so they suspended sales of the app until they could add more capacity.

The OTHER approach mentioned here is that you can run the Skyfire SERVER app on your own box, giving you your own personal flash-to-HTML5 server.

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That must be it then

by Oz_Media In reply to Just to clarify: I meant ...

There's a free v1.5 download of Skyfire for iPhone. I don't use it so I wouldn't know, but the app is available for free as a cracked download.

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