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Word 2000 on XP problems

By lombardo ·
We are running Office 2000 on an XP pro client. One user has a problem only with Word. When she opens Word, she gets a blank page but no toolbars. She can use some keyboard commands, like Ctrl/P to print and Ctrl/B for bold but cannot use Alt/F for the file menu. This has me stumped. What makes it even more strange is that when I login to her machine with my username, Word works perfectly for me. I see the Standard and Formatting Toolbars. She has neither. Could she have made some kind of weird change to Word without knowing it? Has anyone ever seen this before?

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by jgrimm In reply to Word 2000 on XP problems

Have you attempted to give her local admin rights?

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quick tips

by kswanger1 In reply to Word 2000 on XP problems

I would try adding that user as a power user, then if that doesnt do the trick. i would just uninstall office, and reinstall it. Try logging on as a different user with the same rights as her. what type of antivirus are you using?

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User Profile

by Wolfie X In reply to quick tips

Deleting and recreating the user profile should fix this problem.

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I had the same problem...

by styldesley In reply to Word 2000 on XP problems

Search for and delete all instances of the file If it is missing when Word is started, Word will automatically recreate it. Next, click Start, Run, and type C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\WINWORD.EXE /a (Provided that is where your office products are installed) The /a will start Word and prevent add-ins and global templates from being loaded automatically; it will create a new template with menus etc.

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