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Word 2002/2003 and Styles

By JGSearls ·
I went through the process a year ago of creating special numbering Styles for our legal documents in Word 2002. These documents are routinely modified by the CEO for new agreements, contracts, etc. He's just got a new PC and it has Word 2003 (I have Word 2002). I've sent him the standard documents with the appropriate styles. When he opens the document, everything is fine. When he saves it, it completely changes all of the bullets and numbering styles that were in there.

I've tried opening the template organizer and copying the styles from the clean document to his template. I've tried copying his old template from his old PC to his new. I've tried copying my template to his PC. Nothing seems to be helping. Any other ideas?

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by misscrf In reply to Word 2002/2003 and Styles

I don't have 2003, so I can't test this for you. Try this: Delete your normal and his, because messing with them too much will cause corruption. Send your file that has the right styles. Have him make some changes, but when he saves, go to save as, and save as a previous version. There should be an option for word 2002 or xp. Just one troubleshooting option to try. Let me know how that works.

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by misscrf In reply to

You might also try to find a styles addin for word. We have Legalbar, and it is really nice. Since I have xp, but someone else may have 2000, we are ok. With legal bar, the styles come from the addin, not word, so it is saving a style that has nothing to do with its version. You might find a corporate version of this.

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by JGSearls In reply to

Unfortunately, the CEO got frustrated and wouldn't let anybody touch his PC anymore (insert emoticon of rolling eyes here). Sooooo...long story short is I've saved these answers as a reference and when I can sneak in and do some troubleshooting I'll give it a whirl. Thanks very much.

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by JGSearls In reply to Word 2002/2003 and Styles

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