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Word 2002 Puzzle

By dba88 ·
Can't seem to get an answer to the following and I don't why!! There must be a workaround for this!!!!

There are occasions where I don't want to leave a stamp on a document I send to someone else. MS Word 2002 (and probably with all variations and releases of MS Word), there are a variety of data recorded in File > Properties. Specifically, I want to automatically blank out / remove the author and company information from documents. I tried the following macro, but it simply does not work! What am I doing wrong? When I'm in macro record mode, it's not recording my steps, keystrokes, or mouse clicks. Here it is:

tools > record new macro > "sample" >

it then went into the recording part (or so I thought)

I clicked on:

File > properties > summary > tab > tab > tab > delete (to delete the author name) > tab > tab > delete (to delete company name) > then I clicked on the OK button

I then stopped the recording process. I got completely out of word 2002, then started it up again. Went to tools > macro > macros > selected my "sample" macro > run

Then, I went into File > Properties, then clicked on the summary tab, and... you guessed it... no change!!

I'm now a bit confused as to why this isn't working.

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by DKlippert In reply to Word 2002 Puzzle

HOW TO: Minimize Metadata in Microsoft Word 2002 q290945

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by dba88 In reply to

The macro should take care of this when I run it. The question still remains... Why isn't my macro working??

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by DKlippert In reply to Word 2002 Puzzle

The Properties dialog box has been a problem the last couple of versions.
When trying to record a macro with a dialog box, key strokes are problematical. Here are two macros. The key stroke way and the better way.

Sub CrudePropertyZap()

SendKeys "{TAB}{TAB}{DEL} {TAB} {TAB}{DEL}{ENTER}"
Application.Run "FileProperties"

End Sub

Sub BetterPropertyZap()

ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties("Author").Value = ""
ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentProperties("Company").Value = ""

End Sub

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by DKlippert In reply to

Watch out for spaces. this:

ActiveDocument.BuiltInDocumentPr operties

should be:


of course

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by dba88 In reply to

Yes... this helped greatly! Thanks!

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by dba88 In reply to Word 2002 Puzzle

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