Word 2003 Corrupted help please

By UtopiaBoy ·
When I last logged into Word 2003, for some reason, the pull-down menus did not work. And when I tried to pull them down, the following items disappeared from the menu at top:
file, edit and view

I followed the instructions from Microsoft and went into the Tools, customize box. I followed the directions but nothing happened. The boxes in the customize section show that the menu items are still there but they do not show on the screen.

I do not have my CD anymore so I cannot reinstall the program. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Thank you

I am using Windows XP on an HP computer

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Strange Issue

by Michael Jay In reply to Word 2003 Corrupted help ...

I have seen word do many strange things but what you have there is something I have not seen before. Depending on the way word was installed you may be able to repair without the CD. Click start, settings, control panel then find add remove programs and locate office 2003 click on change and select reinstall/repair. If it runs without asking for the disk this may fix your problem if it asks for the disk you are done. Hopefully you have a friend or coworker who has the disk otherwise you will have to buy it again.
Or perhaps a nice email to microsoft will get you a replacement. lol
good luck

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Reloaded Word 2003, still corrupted

by UtopiaBoy In reply to Strange Issue

Well, it's the old good news, bad news conundrum. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I was able to reinstall successfully but when I reopened word, my menu pull-down buttons are still missing from the top rank: file, edit and view. This is a head-scratcher. Anyone have any other ideas? I wish I could find an online site that discusses specifically the menu buttons and how they are controlled. No luck so far. But you have a deposit in the karma bank, Michael, and the year is only a day old!

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Check This

by Michael Jay In reply to Reloaded Word 2003, still ...
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Menu toolbars still missing

by UtopiaBoy In reply to Check This

Thank you, James and Michael, but neither fix helped. James, I have re-installed Word 2003 twice and each time, the menu at the top still lacks the file, edit and view pull-down buttons. And Michael, I downloaded the debug file that you suggested and followed the instructions, most of which are the same advice from Microsoft -- to restore the toolbars through Tools-customize.

This is starting to drive me nuts.

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Driving me nutz too

by Michael Jay In reply to Menu toolbars still missi ...

I assume that you tried the registry change suggested by Linda on her site, if you did not then try it, it may work. One other suggestion is to delete the file and reopen word, I do not think that will help but it might. And then you do need the office disk, remove office and reinstall it to a different directory. In my experience I have found that this is also no good. When office has problems it is often a *.dll file located in the c:\windows\system32 folder and the question is what file? I do not know, however at this point the only way to fix the pesky problem is to do a complete rebuild of windows and reinstall office this always fixes all problems but creates new ones because all you had before is gone. One other thought is that you have a very intermittent hardware issue that caused the failure in the first place, you should run a memory diag and a hard drive test, google searches will return many diags. Good luck to you.

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Problem finally solved.

by UtopiaBoy In reply to Driving me nutz too

Well, James, you hit the nail on the head, probably without realizing it. Microsoft actually solved the problem and I still had my one free request to use, luckily. The secret eas to rename the file as per Microsoft bulletin:
And the problem was immediately solved.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to comment and make suggestions.

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Good Deal

by Michael Jay In reply to Problem finally solved.

Did not think that could do that and so glad you do not face a rebuild. Have a great 2007.

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by Michael Jay In reply to Problem finally solved.

If you could please send me that

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Hi Journal

by Tig2 In reply to Problem finally solved.

Just a thought- please take a moment and rate Michael's answer as "helpful". The numbers that you see after people's names are the number of times that the person has provided a helpful answer. It makes for a pleasant sense of community.

Glad you were able to get your problem fixed!

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This Fix resolved an issue with opening MS Word too!

by rzinni In reply to Problem finally solved.

Thanks for participating in this thread. It sounded like my problem was a profile issue as was yours and even though we had different symptoms the fix worked. Now I don't have to re-install and destroy all my personal settings. I wonder why MS doesn't have a file(s) that you can save for reuse once you re-intsall that keeps all your personal settings. For example, your favorites in Links. The order of them is important to me. But during a re-install it comes up alphabetically. Would be nice.

Thanks again,


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